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    Thumbs down Scorch kinda looks a bit poo...

    The paint applications on the production piece are sloppy and the sculpt looks rather messy.

    Articulation diagram
    Side view
    Rear view
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    I would say withhold judgement until either you see it in person or different pictures surface because those photos aren't the best looking quality.
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    I'm all about the Clone Troopers, but I'll happily be passing on Scorch. He doesnt play well with the movie figures.
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    I agree with Sith Lord. I will wait upon seeing one for final judgement. The basis of the figure looks good, but I really hope the paint aps are not like that pic.
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    I have the figure already and the paint apps are very well done.

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    Where'd you find him?

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    I got the whole Geonosis wave from a guy I know from California who gets the stuff from Asia. I got them for $5.00 bucks each. Sweet deal for me.

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    ARe the paint apps the same as in the pictures , or are they different at all?

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    I am so looking forward to Scorch. I hope to find about six.
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    I'm looking forward to this figure. Bad articulation of no. He's just going to go in a diorama anyway. So long as he can hold his gun upright, it doens't matter to me if the knees don't bend.

    I just wish Hasbro would hurry up and make the rest of the commandos. With the incessant put-downs about this figure from this and other collecting forums, we may just be shotting ourselves in the feet. Hasbro may look at these posts and wonder why they even bothered to give us a Republice Commando when we trashed it so.

    Give it some time. Buy one yourself. If when upon examining it for the first time you don't like it, either take it back or sell it to one of the members here who might be having a hard time finding him.

    I think we all jsut need to have some patience with this stuff.
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