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    Titanium 5-apck with Falcon confirmed Wal-Mart Exclusive

    It may be old news, but I think a lot of us were still wondering if the Raw Metal Falcon 5-pack would be retail or Wal-Mart. It's Wal-Mart- check it out:


    Still no sign of it on though...the other day they had Ultra Rep. Gunships for sale, though They're gone now.

    ***Darn not being able to edit titles! 5-Pack, of course

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    I found it at one of my local Wal-Marts last week. They only had one of them in stock by the time I got there.
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    I so want two of them (one to keep, one to open).

    The last time the 5-packs were about, however, my locl Wal-Mart put both the 1st 5-pack and the 2nd 5-pack on the shelves back in mid-November- a full 3+ months after they were released everywhere else.

    So, if I don't find this new pack by April (or if I don't cut any deals or try to get two cheaper from other sources) I'll start seriously considering Ebay.

    Of course by then, we'll have more small Titaniums to get, probably more gold/silver ones, and definitely a new 5-pack (which may or may not be a Wal-Mart Exclusive).

    *SIGH*'s not just for kids anymore!


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