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    What are the most accurate versions of the OT's main characters?

    I'm still getting started on collecting and I wanted to know your opinions on which are the most accurate versions of the major characters of the OT (the figures with a sculpt and coloring scheme closest to how the character actually appeared in the films).

    I'm particularly interested in Vader, C-3PO and Chewbacca, but I would love to hear your opinions on any of the major characters. Thanks!

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    There's a lot of argument on some of these characters, but I think most everyone agrees that the ROTS C-3PO is the best.

    The ROTS Royal Guard is easily the best Royal Guard by miles and miles.

    VOTC Stormtrooper is the best Stormie, though the CommTech version isn't too far behind.

    For Vader, I'd go with the Evolutions figure.

    VOTC Lando is best, though the POTJ version is a really close second.

    I still like the oft-reissued Cantina Han Solo.

    I've not opened a lot of the figures I've picked up in the past year, since I'm running short on space, so I'm not able to give a well-informed opinion on most others.
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    If you don't mind that ROTS C-3PO doesn't have his silver leg, that's the most accurate figure.

    I suppose VOTC Chewie is the best version of the character. The best Basic version is Saga Chewie Cloud City ('02/38), this figure is often overlooked and does have permanently-bent elbows, but his look is top-notch.

    IMO, there's still no definitive Luke figure, there are a few "least bad" ones but they still have yet to get it totally right.

    I think POTJ Bespin Leia is the best version, but the VOTC is a close second (the face takes a while to grow on you).

    Cantina Han is good, but POTJ Bespin Han is a little better IMO. There is something to be said for VOTC Han, but his likeness is cartoony in my book.

    Ben Kenobi... well, I don't know of any I really love, the VOTC has a lot of issues, but his facial sculpt is "the most accurate".
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    I totally forgot that Bespin Han. Yeah, he's a good deal better than Cantina Han.
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    I still say Threepio ROTS is the best. We just need a version with the silver leg.

    Han VOTC is the best Han.

    Early Bird Chewie/VOTC Chewie is the best Chewie.

    Evolutions Vader is the best Vader... even if he doesn't have the OT look about him. I really don't give a toss.

    VOTC/Saga2 Artoo is the best Artoo.

    There still isn't a Luke that completely pleases me but OTC Jedi Luke is pretty good, facially.

    I thought Saga Lando, despite the limited articulation, was the best Lando.
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    Saga Lando? You mean Lando General? Or are you thinking of POTJ Lando? POTJ Lando is my choice over the VOTC one, though the Saga Skiff Lando is pretty decent too it's likely not "main character" enough since it's a disguise outfit.

    For dome shape, Episode I R2 is the most accurate, but he's got those jets and just isn't everybody's cup of tea. I haven't been all that happy with any of the R2-D2s, the chrome on the VOTC/Early Bird/TSC Hoth versions are all kinda meh, and the body colors don't look right at all. In my opinion, R2 is second only to Luke in terms of inaccurate figures.

    There's really no good OT Emperor figure, the Saga version has some good sculpting but the hood design and the super-long arms kill it.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Ooh I love these threads!!

    Well, I'm not sure about accuracy to be honest as I've never actually took a figure in hand and compared it with the film. Mostly I compare the figure with previous attempts by Hasbro and see how much more realistic and detailed the new one is. And the faces of the actors are ingrained in our minds so anyone can tell right away if its a good facial likeness without having to refer to the films.

    Chewbacca - VOTC/Walmart Early bird/POTJ 25th Anniversary 2 pack - the first 2 offer Chewie with his split fringe and slicked back fringe respectively. He's in proportion to the other figures and his articulation is as good as one could reasonably expect - it fits in well with how they sculpted his hair and still provides tonnes of movement. (if you were to go for the early bird set you'd also be getting pretty good Leia and R2 figures, not so much the Luke figure though) The 25 anniversary Chewie is a superb preposed figure with my favourite facial likeness. He looks like he came right off the screen when posed with a stormtrooper's long blaster rifle.

    C-3P0 - ROTS/POTF2 Detachable limbs&cargo net/POTF2 Purchase of droids - Best facial likeness goes to the ROTS figure. He's very gold and very clean so he'd work well with a very white and very clean R2 figure. The Detachable limbs 3PO has an excellent, if slightly overdone, rust effect. Stick him in the cargo net on a VOTC Chewbacca's back and you've got something really cool looking, direct from Empire Strikes Back. The Purchase of the droids figure is a good Tatooine 3PO - he has a bit of wear&tear but not too much and I think he has the restraining bolt on.

    Vader - Evolutions/500th figure meditation Chamber/Saga Bespin duel/POTF2 commtech/OTC-34 Death star - we're spoilt for choice with Darth Vader. I like Evolutions as an all-purpose Vader but you'll be getting 2 PT figures if you buy this. Bespin duel is a good scene specific figure from Empire Strikes Back - it has an action feature but its fairly unintrusive. Commtech has a classic Vader pose with hands on belt (or at least looking like they are). The OTC one is worth it for the packaging alone. The figure itself has a good lightsaber pose.

    Han Solo - POTF2 commtech/POTJ Bespin capture get both of these. one for ANH and one for ESB. Theres no great ROTJ Han just yet. VOTC Han (based on ANH) is good but I'm not fond of the head - I think the hair is too short and too dark and the likeness is better on the 2 figures I do recommend

    Luke - Saga or OTC-06 Jabba's palace/saga or OTC-26 Bespin duel - The jabba's palace one has the best facial likeness even if it isn't perfect. I really think it will never get better though, not in this scale. The bespin figure is a hugely important Luke outfit and I'm hoping it gets done again by Hasbro but until then this is the best. Sadly there is still no Death star II duel Luke from ROTJ which is even remotely adequate.

    Leia - POTJ Bespin escape/VOTC/Walmart Early Bird/OTC-33 slave outfit - The Bespin escape figure has only one flaw - her arms are pretty much in a fixed gun holding position - but she looks cool and the likeness is the best in this scale. Get this figure. I'm very fond of VOTC Leia despite her long neck and not particularly good likeness. The articulation works quite well. The Walmart one is good for Leia when she's on the Blockade Runner as she's got her hood up. It seems an imperative that you have a gold bikini Leia in your collection (unless you happen to be a woman) and this is as good as we've got so far.

    Lando - POTJ Bespin Escape/Saga or OTC-32 skiff disguise - I personally thing the POTJ Lando is better than the VOTC figure. He has a fixed gun holding pose but he works very well with the Bespin Leia figure and also the Chewie/3PO combo I mentioned earlier. The Skiff figure is a recogniseable ROTJ outfit, very detailed and the likeness isn't bad.

    R2 - POTF2 Commtech/Saga Jabba's palace/TSC Hoth/OTC-04 Dagobah The Dagobah one is very planetary specific (covered in mud) but if you're into that this one is done brilliantly - Sound effects as well. Commtech is a good Tatooine R2 - hes got a restraining bolt, a bit of wear&tear, his 3 legs work well and theres a nifty Holographic Leia accessory. The latest Hoth one has drawn some complaints because of the chrome dome - it may not be accurate but I like it. The rest of the paint job is nice and I love those accessories - they're good for the Dagobah scenes.

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    Thanks for the input, everybody!

    By the way, did C-3PO have a silver leg throughout the OT or were both legs gold by the time of ROTJ?

    Do most people here not really like the VOTC Vader? It does seem like the helmet is a bit off on that figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhereIsTheDefel
    By the way, did C-3PO have a silver leg throughout the OT or were both legs gold by the time of ROTJ?
    Both legs were silver in ROTJ as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhereIsTheDefel
    Thanks for the input, everybody!

    By the way, did C-3PO have a silver leg throughout the OT or were both legs gold by the time of ROTJ?

    Do most people here not really like the VOTC Vader? It does seem like the helmet is a bit off on that figure.
    I think it is. It might be the face or the dome part of the helmet sticks up too much or something...or both. The VOTC is good for the Emperor's arrival scene in Jedi - you can kneel him (aided by a stand) and bow his head. I have mine permanently in this position with the cape glued over the ball-joint which is otherwise exposed when the head is bowed. For helmets my faves are Evolutions, 500th Vader and commtech/OTC-Death star (which I think utilise the same head sculpt). Evo and 500th have bulkier domes - I'm not sure if this is more accurate but I think it looks better.

    Oh and for the stormtrooper its VOTC hands down. Though I imagine this one would be hard to find at a reasonable price right now. The commtech/OTC one is anorexic and hasn't got much of any poseability, certainly no decent gun firing positions - though its the one you'd discover is easier to find.

    For OT emperor figures I suppose you'd have to get the POTF2 one from '97. The Saga figure is a rarity - a resculpt that is worse than the original.

    Y'know if theres something this thread has highlighted for me it is the lack of any definitive Luke figures from any film and the over-focusing on ANH for Han Solo:

    ANH - all tatooine Luke figures - the best is probably commtech. However these are all too tall. The Walmart one was totally crap. Whoever thought it was a good idea to give him that stupid 2-in-1 arm/lightsaber needs to be sacked, never to work in the toy industry again. Likewise for the repeat offence of giving Luke a chipmunk face - enough with the exposed teeth on Luke figures! It looks brutal.

    - X-wing Luke - POTJ/OTC is the best but he pales in comparison to how they do pilot figures now. He's got a really feminine pose and of course this is the original sin - the original chipmunk face.

    - stormtrooper Luke - Saga death star trash compactor is the more realistic sculpt but its totally scene specific. We must demand a new one with a VOTC stormtrooper body

    - Luke ceremonial - heres hoping the one from the 06 Yavin wave, if indeed it is no mere rumour, is a resculpt and in proper proportion to the other characters.

    ESB - Hoth Luke - POTF2 wasn't bad but is a bit outdated now. Saga is nicely detailed but its too tall and I don't like the lack of elbow articulation which means his 'reaching for sabre' arm is too rigid when held by his side. Also his face is permanently post-wampa attack.

    - snowspeeder luke - the figure that came with the POTJ snowspeeder is best as it has the high collar. But the whole figure could be done much better now.

    - Dagobah Luke - I guess the OTC one is alright. The head is a bit iffy but I've just come to accept that they're never going to get Mark Hamill right.

    - Bespin Luke - POTF2 isn't bad for a neutral pose but he's far too tall. Saga/OTC can't do neutral but are good for the duel. Heres hoping Hasbro have an SA (minus ball-joint neck) Bespin Luke on their to-do list.

    - still no Pyjama Luke...ever

    ROTJ- Saga/OTC Jabbas palace - not a bad figure but I really would like one who can hold sabre in two hands in attacking and defensive positions.

    - Endor poncho - I think this is rumoured for this year, some kind of kitbash though. We'll see how it turns out

    - DSII duel - nothing. The one from the POTF2 cinema scene is the best but that isn't saying much. The Saga one doesn't bear thinking about.

    ANH - Han solo - we've got commtech, VOTC, POTJ death star escape. The commtech has had numerous rereleases. Decent figures

    Han Stormtrooper - Saga trash compactor is good but scene specific. As with Luke we must demand a new one.

    ESB - Han Hoth - the Saga one is good for the outdoor Hoth scenes only. We still need an echo base one, with hood down and neutral pose.

    - Bespin Han - his primary outfit in the film and we have only one figure worth mentioning - POTJ Bespin capture - Versus the 3 ANH sculpts.

    ROTJ - Carbonite Han - the latest TSC one is acceptable if unexceptional and cursed with a neanderthal stare and balljoint neck

    - regular Han/brown pants - Saga Endor raid - pegwarmed for quite some time. This figure is OK if too scene-specific and blighted by an action feature. Could do with an SA sculpt (again minus balljoint neck)

    - endor trenchcoat - I think this is another one rumoured this year. Remains to be seen if its a new sculpt. If its a cloth coat they could kill two birds with one stone by making him SA underneath. Doubt it though.


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