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    Exclamation oh yeah!

    It'll happen because I am going to become rich and buy Hasbro and start to make good stuff..... or not...... In all seriousness now, I completely and fully agree. I have DREAMED of that to happen and I think that if we all boycott Hasbro and demand it then it'll happen. Or not....... but in even more all seriousness, I think that someday maybe after Episode II or III, Hasbro will wisen up and maybe, just maybe we may see that.......that would be awesome!
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    ACPin, this guy is GOOD! I wish I had just a 1/4 of his skill. I always wanted the Jedi council like he has done. I love it.

    Does he give any instructions on how he made it?
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    Originally posted by Obi-Don
    ACPin, this guy is GOOD! I wish I had just a 1/4 of his skill. I always wanted the Jedi council like he has done. I love it.

    Does he give any instructions on how he made it?
    Don't we all want to have talent like his! Unfortunately his dios didn't get much attention coz it was posted on the dreadful day of Sept 11, 2001.

    Joe Amaro's news post on 9/11/01
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    That custom set looks really good; it's definitely something I could never do. The only thing is, it looks like most of those Jedi are posed in one position, where as I would like the Jedi in a Hasbro Council Set to be highly articulated and able to stand in any position when the figures are not sitting.
    If everyone keeps praising the custom one, Hasbro might think that we still want statue type figures....
    But again, I'm not taking anything away from the custom set - it does look really great. I would just want the Hasbro one to have neutral poses for the figures....

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    They make the figures anyway, so it wouldn't take a huge leap of design to articulate the legs and give everybody cloth robes. Include the chair in the package and poof! Instant scene.

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    It'd also be nice if each Council member had a lightsaber with removable blade that could be put on their belt.
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    Do they all get Romper Room mirrors or just Mace?

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    Thumbs up

    I woul dlove to see this done. HAsbro if your listening, do this. Lightsabers are a must. It can be an ultimate cinema scene.

    .....It woul dbe nice if there was another set in the case it would ship in, ROTJ Jabba. I know, wishful thinking.
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    Yeah, I like the lightsabers with removable blades. I've seen Eeth Koth's and that one is cool. I also noticed that the hilt can attach to his belt, which is also a nice feature. It really wasn't something I was asking for in this (imaginary, hopefully a reality) set, but I sure wouldn't mind it

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    I think the hopes of getting an Episode 1 Jedi Council dwindle with each approching day to May 16th. But I still want Yareal Poof!

    Hasbro's into big picture window style display boxes so the three Jedi's per box Deluxe Cinema scene would rule if you gave them bendy knees and soft goods robes.

    While I'm delusional, maybe Hasbro could make a Sail Barge and pay off all my school loans!


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