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    More droids please

    Now as my name implies, my fan choices would be droids, droids, and more droids. I really want to see an R1, R3, R5d4 and so on. I mean the Astro Droids would be so easy for them, just reuse the R2 body and sculpt new heards. I have heard that R5D4 possibly may be in the next move and that we have the R4 coming. Please tell me the fans vote for an R1 and R3.

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    Just out of curiosity... did you happen to see my thread "You want droids?" in the Episode II section of the toy forums? There's a great picture of Anthony Daniels sitting amidst various astromechs you will be seeing in AOTC.
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    Droids along with the lightsabers is what got me into Star Wars as a kid.

    YES,more droids
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    Come on Hasbro, show us the Droids!
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    Thumbs up

    I agree that some more Droids need to be done, but i am just a bigger fan of the aliens.
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    I love the droids too, and want more and more. I am just plain silly for them. I am also crazy about more Cantina patrons and Jabba's Palace denizens. As droids go, I want R-3PO!
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    Congratulations! We are getting more droids! This is one area where Hasbro is actually pulling through for fans. Way to go Hasbro.

    (But don't stop making MORE droids, either...)


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