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    Jedi Council Set

    What I would like to see (and I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me because it involves resculpts) would be a set of the entire Jedi Council, all with chairs and all with the correct articulation so they can sit down. But also have enough articulation to put in any other pose you want, when they're not sitting.
    If Hasbro could do this, collectors would finally get the other remaining Jedi from the council, and the others that we do have could finally sit down.
    I just always thought this set (or a couple of smaller sets) would be really cool...

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    That request made total sense. Knock it off.

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    Yeah, what are you trying to do? Give Hasbro good ideas?
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    I would have to agree with this thought. Why? I suggested as much back in the days of the Old Forums. My recommendation was this (reduced from the original, more lengthy version):

    Four sets of three figures each, with not only chairs, but a 1/4 circular base with the floor design of the Council Chamber. Each floor section would connect easily to the others, allowing the full floor, and would be designed to be hung on a wall (if desired, for space constraints). The chairs can be used with or without the floor base. The mix of figures would be such that you don't wind up with a shelf warmer set featuring the bland Depa Bilaba (this would be done by including her with favorites like Yoda and/or Mace Windu.

    At any rate, resculpts not withstanding, I would love to see such a set (or group of sets) made.

    For those who were not around for the Old Forums, the circular base idea allowed Hasbro to use essentially the same base (with a different paint scheme) for my other recommended Dejerak Chess Set. The figures for this set would be to scale with the 3.75" figures, allowing them to be used in conjunction with the existing line, but also make them big enough to make a nice prop piece. I would prefer that they NOT be cast in translucent plastic, due in no small part to the limitations built in to such plastics. Rather, just make them like the other figures with accurate paint schemes. I think those interested as I am in such a set would prefer this to some half-hearted (self-censored thought there) attempt to make them "see through". Like the above, these figures would come in boxed sets with 1/4 of the chess board.
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    That's basically what I was thinking too. However, I didn't want to mention how they should be released (as you said 4 sets of three figures each) because I forgot the exact number in the council. I like the idea about the floor - I had never thought about that before.
    And I forgot to mention (and this really goes without saying) that these figures should have CLOTH robes. I have nothing against molded plastic on some figures, but this would obviously call for cloth.

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    The several sets thing is a good idea, and that would make it so the floor could be thick enough to actually play with instead of some cardboard or think plastic. What would be really cool is if on the floor the council chairs would have indentions that they could "rest" in so they wouldn't move around alot and the Jedi Council figures could all have hilts with removable blades, robes done in the same material as POTJ Lando's cape (The other soft goods materials that have been used are kinda eh) and all the humanoids would need this extra articulation: knee joint, ankle joint (so we wouldn't have to worry about the feet getting in the way), shoulder joints like the CTC Stormy, elbow joint, swivel joint just above the elbow and swivel joint at the wrist so we could get them in a sitting posistion and their arms could be in various posistions so it wouldn't look like they were all mimicking each other. Yoda and Yaddle though could be done sorta like E1 Yoda except with seperate legs instead of the uni-leg crud.
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    Lightbulb Here's a start!

    You really want Hasbro to do what Joe did?

    Jedi High Council

    Btw, he's the same guy who's done the E2 customs on the latest issue of Toyfare.
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    He's the guy that needs to be hired by Hasbro that I was talking about in another thread. His EP II figures look awesome and so does this Jedi Council. Come on Hasbro give him a job and perhaps we'll start seeing some really cool figures.
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    It would make too much sence for Hasbro to make a Jedi Council. After all, Hasbro knows exactly what collectors want (HA!).
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    It'll never happen and if it does it wont be any time soon, but we can keep dreaming
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