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    Battle Packs are taking over!

    For the last month and a half the local Wally World has been putting out two cases of action figures once or twice a week. Within three days the pegs are usually empty. No slow moving inventory here!

    During the same period, Battle Packs have clogged the pegs - all of them the Utapau wave.

    So what does Wally World do? The only logical solution: they have reduced the action figures to one peg (8 figures) and given the rest of the pegs to Battle Packs!

    I now have to look a seven pegs worth of Battle Packs and one of action figures. They can't even put a full case of figures out at one time.

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    Definitely seeing the same in my area, same battlepacks, no figures. Even sadder is the fact that the two battlepacks I want (wookies) (gree's clones) cannot be found. I will find them in time I suppose, it just gets frustrating having to visit the same Wally Worlds 2 or 3 times a week and come up short. Such a difficult life we collectors choose to live.

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    Them Battle Packs is like kudzu! Leave 'em on the pegs, and they'll take over the whole durn aisle!! Dadblamit to tarnation!
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    Nope, peg free here on the battlepacks. Thank the Lord.
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    Only Star Wars I can find at my local Wal-Mart is 7 Utapau warrior battle packs. No new Titaniums, no new Saga figures. I think I'm going to hate the Utapau packs as much as Chancellor Palpatine and Mon Mothma...
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    Here in LA, every Walmart has tons of Battle Packs (four pegs worth) and no Saga figures whatsoever. Target has tons of Battle Packs (I've seen even Gree and the Wookiee pack hanging around the pegs at 7-8 o'clock at night) with only Bib Fortunas and Han Carbonites on the pegs. In short, they are NOT selling here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluesnaggletooth1
    short, they are NOT selling here.
    Yeah and you and I didn't see that coming did we?
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    Tired of seeing these things

    It just makes me sick to walk into the toy aisle and see row after row of these things and NO FIGURES!!! I went into Toys R Us yesterday and they had ONE figure, Bib, and about 25 Battlepacks sitting there staring me in the face. I really hate these things and worry that since they are not selling, the larger Unleashed line will never come back.

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    Yup, the local Walmarts here are either bursting at the seams with Battlepacks and those stupid Choppers that no one is buying, or they have pegwarming Utapau soldiers. Not even left over Bibs or Baradas. No Titaniums. Hasbro and the retailers might wise up and see what is selling and what is not.

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    It seems my area goes through them quite quickly. They stock the shelves and maybe 2-3 days later they're empty of the Battle Packs. I haven't bought any but I'm thinking about starting.
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