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    How Many Sideshow 12" Figures Have You Preordered?

    Sideshow Collectibles' line of 12" Star Wars figures has quickly cast itself into focus, despite the line having yet to ship 1 single piece. Since November of last year, Sideshow has made 4 fantastic-looking 12" figures available for preorder, and with a 5th due at the end of this week the pace of the preorder reveals seems to be picking up. Each figure has been made available in regular format and a Sideshow Exclusive limited edition, making for 8 total figure preorders so far:

    - Luke ROTJ
    - Luke ROTJ SE
    - Anakin ROTS
    - Anakin ROTS SE
    - Obi-Wan ROTS
    - Obi-Wan ROTS SE
    - Kit Fisto
    - Kit Fisto SE

    So, how many of the Sideshow Collectibles 12" Star Wars figures have you preordered to date?

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    NONE. everytime I try they are soldout. Plus I haven't liked the facial sculpts with the exception of Anakin.
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    Why no choice for 0? thats what I would pcik...
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    None, Zero, Zip.

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    Managed to get the last 3 exclusives. Missed out on the exclusive Luke, but got one recently by putting myself on the wait list right away. Still have the regular Luke from my initial order too. That's a total of 5 confirmed (6 if I count Aragorn) I have heard that it will be easy to take them out of their packaging without damaging the box for loose display or MIB, so repeats might not be necessary. Wonder how that will work out? If so I might cancel the regular Luke.

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    I will not collect Sideshow product due to their practice of making exclusive alternate versions of nearly every figure.

    The high price point is also a contributing factor. I won't pay $6-7 for a 4" figure any more than I'd pay $20+ for a 12" one.
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    How many Sideshow Star Wars figures have I bought?

    [FONT="Arial Narrow"][/FONT]

    Unfortunately, I haven't bought any. I think some of them look great, but I think the price is too expensive. Wish that detail could be bought cheaper

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    I got the exclusive Obi-Wan and the non-exclusive Kit.

    I now think I wished I ordered Anakin (non-exclusive is fine).

    I did not want Luke.

    I will order Han Bespin - SSE if I can manage it on Friday.

    There are some I want. There are some (possibilities) I'm not interested in. I already know what they are (my preferences I mean) and I'll order accordingly. Great quality in something I otherwise had no intention of ordering won't really make me change my mind. Unfortunately, I actually might order an inferior sculpt (though I haven't seen one yet).
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    Preordered all of the Exclusive versions and will preorder Han too...$50 a pop or so seems like a pretty decent price...I mean, we are paying double, but are getting at least double the quality....I guess compared to my Marmits, SS seems like a great price.
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    I've preordered 2 figures, both non-exclusive. Anakin will be my son's birthday gift come October (I usually get him one "special" thing.) I also ordered Obi-Wan for myself.

    I didn't care for Luke's face sculpt, and though I really like the look of Kit Fisto, I'm not sure that I'm willing to sink too much money into figures that I haven't seen first hand.

    I've no opinion about the Han figure yet, we just haven't seen enough of it.


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