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    Star Wars Greatest Hits Action Figures Wave 1

    Star Wars Greatest Hits Action Figures Wave 1 from EE

    What's up with this????

    Star Wars Greatest Hits Action Figures Wave 1 contains 12 individually packaged action figures from Revenge of the Sith in new 2006-style packaging: 1x Darth Vader, 1x Anakin Skywalker, 1x Yoda, 1x Commander Bacara, 1x Super Articulated Clone Trooper, 1x ARC-170 Clone Pilot, 1x Chewbacca, 1x Obi-Wan Kenobi, 1x General Grievous, 1x Mace Windu, 1x R2-D2, 1x Destroyer Droid. (Subject to change.)
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    The fact that they are repacking ROTS figures to clear out excess inventory wouldn't bother me so much if they were figures from limited shipments of case assortments such as the final 12 figures, many of which never saw retailers or only ordered one or two cases. I just hope that the Clone Pilot is the black repaint. I have NEVER seen one around here. I also hope that the SA Clone Trooper is the red Shock Troop repaint.

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    Yippiee! another Clone Pilot to clog the pegs up. This oughta be fun. It all sounds very reminiscent of the HOF wave.
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    I think it is...
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    "Greatest Hits" doesn't really fit this much, but I guess they didn't want to ask the retailers to sell the "Greatest Flops."

    Even more sad though, Anakin, Yoda, Grievous and Obi-Wan all have potential to be the same as the upcoming reissues in other Saga waves.
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    i doubt that the SA clone will be the shocktrooper repaint because if it were, most of us would have no reason whatsoever to buy the Target Senate battlepack
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    This will be interesting. "Greatest Hits", huh?

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    If they sell more power to them. I was surprised how well the ROTS stuff sold. The fact that in January I didn't see more then a handfull of figures on clearance I can't say they are morons. I know that I won't buy them but I saw plenty of disappointed parents at Xmas time saying they couldn't find anything.
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    Sounds like figures that were all readily available at retail for months, unless they're repaints of some kind.

    I was thinking that this line would more along the lines of figures that actually sold well and weren't clogging the pegs just a little while ago (White Grevious Bodyguard, Shocktrooper, Blue 501, Bly, Gree, Red Royal Guard, Black Pilot, Passel Argente, Cat Miin, Green Clone Commander, Hologram Jedi). Granted, the Saga packaging will look cool, but come on ReHash-bro, get it together.
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    Why dont they send out the holos and the 501 again.
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