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    Geonosis Wave Found

    Rebelscum is reporting that the Geonosis wave has surfaced at a Target in Arizona.

    Three waves in 1.5 months...2006 is off to a great yet expensive start!!
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    I saw that earlier. They aren't wasting any time in between waves which is a good thing as it keeps me on my toes.
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    I scored this wave (actually, just the two clones) today from Target in the Dallas Tx area - pretty shocked to see them first before hearing any real reports....

    Saw both variants of threepio, but hate them both - real weak sculpt, but does look ok on card.
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    Stupid Hasbro Canada hasn't even gotten the Hoth wave out yet....
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    Looks like I'll be leaving work a little early today.

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    i found them here in texas too, but no scorch...those sound like there going quick.
    and We're back in 3..2.. ..
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