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    Red face yoidoips! was afraid you was gonna say that

    cuz i already got the small version, so was hopin to one day get an in-person look at the biggy to see the diff; wouldn't wanna Trade now wouldja?

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    Yeah !!! Happy Birthday to you Good Shot'
    - "I've never understood Walt Disney".
    Howard Philip Lovecraft.

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    it's not me b'day for another month or so, but thanx fer the good wishes sicqnus.

    doh! you already's got the small one (that's not what the former mrs. scalperslime said )

    sure i'll send you the larger one, but let me warn ya bout a few things. the bottom of the ship had several rectangular bits o' plastic evenly spaced along the bottom of the hull. why? i got's no idear (landing skids maybe?). two under the right side, two under the left side, and one biiiiiiiig one down the center of the hull

    as the center one got in the way of mounting this ship on a mm tear drop stand, i done did cercumcised it

    unfortunately, it left a gaping unfinished portion of the bottom hull, so this ship can't be called pristine in any fashion of the woid.

    but if interested anyway, i'll enclose it in my next mailing to ya, let you compare the two, and you can keep whichever one ya want.
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    ANOTHER year has flown by!!!! It's your birthday again GSJ and I just wanted to wish you a VERY Happy 43 rd!! You're the BEST!!! You've been a great MM moderator and great asset to the SW community
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    good shot jansen
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    Awaiting Confirmation britcit3's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Me too !!

    Happy Birthday GSJ and thanks for being a great member of the MM/AF community.

    Can't think of a better moderator (no offence other Mods !!!).

    Have a great day.


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    Happy birthday GSJ. I hope your emblemless green A-Wing arrives very soon. Maybe I'll just call you GSJ43 from now on : )


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    thanx all! i appreciate the good wishes.

    i can't believe another year has flown the coop.

    wow! 43! i'm sure it will be as good if not better than 42 was!
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    Happy Birthday, GSJ !!
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Talking Hip Hip Hip !

    Happy Birthday once more then !
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    now that's kewel! thanx sicqnus! i'm gonna print that out on my color printer at home, and hang that by my work station.

    nice work indeed!
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