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    Alright not too bad.

    Lots of rehashes there.

    But some nice new things. C-3PO with Diety chair was one of the first things to pop out at me.

    Is that Chief Chirpa??

    Also, is that the Death Star Gunner? I thought it was to be the Imperial Trooper (the one with the big bowl helmet). No matter, I'm a huge fan of the gunner if that's the case.

    The ARC-170 transformer looks cool, though the guns are on the top side of the wings, when they should be on the bottom side...

    The Unleashed battle packs look fantastic! Whoo-hoo, Hoth Scenes abundant. I'll be army building them!

    Not too bad for a sneak peek. But really this looks like the majority of stuff anyway. And all of it we have known about for sometime. Hopefully there will be something new shown that we haven't heeard of yet.
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    It looks like Vader's TIE is about to get a re-release.

    The Threepio looks like ROTS Threepio with a recast Vintage Ewok Village Chair. No matter... get me a couple so I can have a couple Threepios with silver legs. I don't think they will make them much better than that mould.

    I think that is the Desth Star gunner. Nice job. Are they packing "tables" in with Momaw Nadon and Han? Kinda pillar-like... *shrug*

    It looks like Jabba's Palace Luke is getting a reissue. Oh, well... no new sculpt on that. It's too bad that they didn't have the Episode I stuff out for display.

    I can't be bothered with the rest of the junk.
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    C-3PO better have articulated knees.

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    Damn Strait Driod!!! what good is the chair if he can't sit in it!!!! aaah!!! this is the only thing i have wanted for years!! is a c3po with knees! i think one of my very first posts was about that!! Damn you hasbla this better not be a d**k tease or i will be Boycott every figure from her on out! i will burn all my figures and mail you the carcasses of c3pos begging for there life on melted down knees!!! come on NOW GET IT RIGHT!!!..... ok,ok maybe i won't melt down my figures, but i will begin a campian of hate letters to them!
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    and We're back in 3..2.. ..
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    Is that a Weequay reissue? If so that is kinda weak. Also trying to make out the paint scheme on the Jedi Starfighter. As much as I like the ship I don't really look forward to getting a fifth one. I hope there is more to see.
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    I could have sworn I saw Arcona mixed in there? Maybe not...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthQuack
    I could have sworn I saw Arcona mixed in there? Maybe not...
    You did indeed. He's set for release coming up in the near future.

    And that indeed appears to be a new Ewok in the mix along with the Death Star Gunner and Diety 3PO.

    And that frickin' Talz Jedi is ginormous!
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    I don't know what to say about any of this yet. The pics are too small for me to be the judge and to junp to conlusions. I wonder which ROTJ Han that is up near Boba Fett? It looks like it might be the one from the Pop-Up Jabba's Palace set...and POTF2 Weequay is in there too. And the infamous Saga Emperor. And what appears to be a carded sample of the new "Galactic Hunt" Silver figures-except it's only the foil card, and not the Shiny Anakin inside. The VOTC figures look much better than the carded pics of them made them look. I wonder if that Imperial officer is Moff's not Veers beacuse he's not wearing black gloves. And that Vader Saber caught my eye--it looks like the old electronic one, but dosen't have a red blade sticking out of it. May just be a basic saber or something, though. Still can't believe the Lucas figure is using the Commtech Stormie's body instead of the VOTC Stormie. Oh well...looking forward to some bigger better pictures and coverage this weekend!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthQuack
    I could have sworn I saw Arcona mixed in there? Maybe not...
    Hem Dazon, the Arcona, has been announced for a while and was revealed on the Hasbro site.

    This looks great!

    I never got Vader's TIE either time it was released, so this is good for me.

    C-3PO with chair, Chief Chirpa, Moff Jerjerrod, Death Star Gunner . . . HELL YES!!!!!!

    It looks like we're seeing the terrible 2003 Emperor again . . . oh joy.

    What's the deal with that extra assortment of Carkoon figures in front of the Jedi Starfighter box? Han's up there and also down with his carbonite block; Boba looks to be the VOTC or TSC version; Luke seems to be the 2004 version (which is disappointing, since I wanted a DSII version); the Weequay from 1996; and the Lando from 2004. This is odd since they already had the Carkoon wave this year . . . maybe they're tacking these onto the Endor wave?

    The packaging on the Vader saber is odd, but it's good to see some perenially available items.

    Overall, a nice display.
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