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Thread: Quinlan Vos!

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    Quinlan Vos!

    Isn't he a great character? We've been reading about him since around 2000 up until now - a comic giant who's been with us for probably 5 years already! I couldn't imagine the comics ever being so good without him.

    Dark Horse did an excellent job here. Quinlan turned out more interesting than Aayla or A'Sharad.
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    I agree! I'd really like a nice SA version of him and the Tusken Raider padawan. I'm too lazy to look up the spelling, A'sharad Het or something like that.
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    Hasbro's so much missed the boat on joint EU ventures.

    In 1996, SOTE was the only real attempt at coorination. The choices were sort of abysmal, too:

    Chewie as Snoova (yawn, but in retrospect, his Wookiee battlegear wasn't that far fetched if you look to ROTS. His height and scale was off though).

    Luke Coruscant Trooper - they could have also sold Lando this way with just a head swap. It was a good figure and we saw Grievous' body guards bring taser staffs back into fashion.

    Dash Rendar - a nice try at a Han Solo Knock-off. He would have been more interesting if he'd stuck around though. But he was exactly what Han would have been, had he just "flown away" after Yavin. That was Dash's point.

    Prince Xizor - an interesting villain. He could have been more successful as a figure if Hasbro had made some troops to go with him, maybe several Black Sun mercenaries?

    Leia as Boussh - really a ROTJ figure, but she was more often found on a SOTE cardback - and the story explained how she got that uniform.


    The rest of the EU they've attempted rarely satisfied customers:

    Thrawn was sort of wrong.
    Mara Jade, likewise.
    They could have made Talon Karrde or C'Boath, or a generic Noghri.
    The space trooper was hardly significant.

    Luke, Leia, Palpatine, and the Sentinel (Dark Empire) were cool though. Those were good figures. If most of them were main characters.

    Kyle Katarn was done messed up and looked like Cmdr. Riker instead. The Dark Trooper was cool, in light of the Super BattleDroid. It was not so cool (to me) back then, but I wasn't a Dark Forces gamer.

    The Obi-Wan, Maul, Qui-Gon etc. as EU figures were not as exciting as new characters. It was like getting Batman in "bubble-gum chewing gear."

    Quinlan Vos (and Villie, and A'Shard) etc. WILL sell.

    It may be too late for Exar Kun, Ulic Qel Droma, Nomi Sunrider, etc. What do you think?
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    Vos was been a character I didn't really care for at first. but grew on me. And after a while I got kind of sick of his Republic storyline, which took a turn every couple of issues.

    I do think he would sell if they made a figure of him though. And with the TPM background character he was based on (which was later written to be Vos, I think), he wouldn't necessarilly be EU.

    The ASP droid could almost be considered an EU character also. It appeared in the Shadows of the Empire game before appearing in the Special Edition.

    Besides Lando, Guri was another one they really should hav included in the Shadows line. Both were pretty big playes in the story.
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    I'm a big fan of Vos the character, but not necessarily his storyline. I think the idea of a jedi having their mind erased is kinda cool, but the way he was constantly going back and forth between the light and dark side was annoying...but if they made a figure of him I would definetly buy it.

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    I love Quinlan Vos,one of the best things to happen to SW comics. The storyline is pretty good,I like the rogue Jedi-almost Wolverine like concept.I'd buy an action figure of Quinlan Vos and any EU character,I'd like to see a change.
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    i would definitely want a figure of quinlan! i would even customize my own except that i wouldn't be able to make the hair.

    i would love to see figures from KOTOR as well.
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    After reading his latest storyline in the Republic comic I kinda think the writers took the easy way out.
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