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    Empire At War

    Not much talk about this game yet. Aren't there any RTS game fans around here? It is supposed to be released today.

    I pre-ordered it through Barnes and Noble since I had a gift certificate from Christmas. It comes with a Death Star Ball. They describe it as:

    Bonus Offer! - Preorder Star Wars: Empire at War and receive a Death Star Desktop Ball FREE! The Desktop Ball comes with a stand and plays Death Star laser cannon blasts when you press the button. Supplies are limited so order now!
    There is also supposed to be a "Collector's Edition" which has extra maps and some other junk (like special packaging, screensavers, and wallpaper). But, it's $10 more. Sounded like a trap to me. Where's Ackbar when you need him?
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    Anybody having problems with this game? I bought it yesterday, downloaded the update. The entire time, the graphics have been a little bit less than desirable (ie. some of my units aren't visable (ex. Corvettes show the image pattern of the engines but no hull of the ship). I am running with a All in Wonder 9000. Any help?

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    I finally got the game last night. UPS delivered it at 8:30pm. I haven't downloaded any update for it, but I'm not having any problems with it. I only played throught the tutorial and the first mission of the rebellion campaign.

    The interface is a little wacky, but it just takes a little getting used to. It's not your typial Age of Empires/Empire Earth controls. It seems like it has components from other RTS games like Battle for Middle Earth, like having specific areas where you build turrets or bacta tanks. I haven't gone past the tutorial on it, but the whole space interface during campaign and galactic conquest mode seems pretty cool. You can combine fleets and send out spys/bounty hunters.

    The graphics aren't that bad. In the tutorial ground battle, there were some units that seemed pretty small-almost to the point you can't tell what they are. But, since I was controlling the Stormtroopers, I killed them anyway.
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    anyone know how to unlock the deathstar? it shows the image, but says "population capped"
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    LEvel 5 tech for Death Star. The desktop ball doesnt light up it just makes noise and the batteries are not replaceable.

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    I've let the game sit for about four months and I just downloaded the Total Realism hack for it. Pretty much made the game more fun, updated units, fan made ones, etc.

    I am interested in Forces of Corruption and if anyone's gotten that?
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    I was waiting for one of you to buy it.

    Looking at the board over at, it looks like there are a lot of bugs and glitches. The 2 user reviews are 4/10 and 5/10. If I get it, I'm going to wait for the price to drop.
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