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    Army building sets

    We've been clamoring for years for more army builders. Even those who are casual collectors, carded collectors, 1carde/1loose collectors, etc, not to mention of course Army Builing collectors like myself.

    It would only take a few short hours on the major Star Wars collecting sites to realize these are in heavy demand.

    Just look at the going rates for movie accurate clones from ROTS. The blue TacOps trooper gets some major cash on eBay.

    Why should someone else (scalpers) profit where you (Hasbro) can instead?

    What I propose is that for every 2 regular cases of figures, you send out a case of nothing but army building figures. Don't even put army type figures in the regular cases. That allows those cases to have core characters, EU, fringe, etc.

    Sending out whole cases of nothing but army builders would vastly deter the rampant scalping that plagues the wonderful hobby of collecting Star Wars.

    Now even if you're against this from the collectors stand point, take a step back and think about which figures kids would want. I give my own personal example that even as a oungster, I built armies of certain figures. Nothing like what I do today, because I was on a kids budget. But I REALLY do think that barring the core characters neccessary to tell the story when playing with figures, kids want plenty of army type Star Wars figures to play out the battles they saw in the movies.

    It's immensely hard to do that when you consistently short pack them.

    For instance take the currently released Utapau trooper. They were VERY prevalent in the Utapau scenes, as well they were scene on Coruscant and the Star Destroyer when Clone commander Cody talkes to Obi-wan.

    It's almost senseless to even come out with this figure if you are going to only pack one in a case. Now also considering that you are blowing through the waves of figures, kids and collectors alike have to scramble to stores to just find ONE. We all have to COMPETE with not just each other, but those money grubbing scalpers.

    Collecting Star Wars should never be hard and we shouldn't feel the need to compete or feel left out because certain figures are hard to find.

    Were you to pack cases as mentioned above, you'd get plenty of core characters out there, but you'd get scores more of the troop building figs that most people want.

    It's too late for the present trooper, but in future wave even starting next year, you can easily plan for sending out troops. This extends to any type of character that would be consdiered a "grunt" in an army. Clone Troopers, Stormtroopers, Battle Droids are the best examples of these.

    I can say from my experience as well as local collecting friends of mine that we would be happy to buy MORE product if you'd make it more readily available.

    For instance, the Utapau trooper is in high demand in my circle. On average (not including me) ach guy wants 4-6 of that figure. You can see where the dilema is then by only packing one per case. My circle itself would account for all of that trooper (and still want more). Thus leaving out other casual collectors, kids etc. Now throw on top of that the scaleprs and it gets worse. Then you have fellas like me who want 40-100 of that trooper. There's no way you are meeting demand for that figure and I dare say most army building types.

    Take the Tac Ops trooper for instance again. KMart had what many consider to be the best Battle Pack to datem because it included 3 highly desired troopers. We didn't care as much that we got yet another Anakin or Clone Pilot (though we could have done without those). The fact is that we got 3 of that trooper in a set. It's obivous by looking at the secondary market (eBay for instance) that that pack is going for a premium. Even the single carded one, for which most collectors didn't like the particular mold used, sold VERY well and was and still is in high demand. The continue to sell out through various on-line outlets. Many of those sites charging a dollar or two more than retail. Again I ask, why not you Hasbro make that money instead.

    Making these available at regular retail establishments makes it easy for all involved.

    Here's another way to consider this.

    If a scalper is able to get $15 for one of these troopers and people are buying multiple of them, than why not make MORE of them. We would then be able to actually spend MORE on the direct market products (more figures at retail), than having to resort to scalpers.

    You need to cash in NOW!

    Clones are still VERY much in demand and there are still yet several from ROTS that have yet to be made.

    Another idea is to put two or three on a card. Saves money on packaging for you (again meaning profit).

    Here are some decent ideas for two and three packs that would most definitely sell (and please make these SA figs NOT the static 3 packs of the past)
    Utapau Clone/Battle Droid
    White SA (AOTC) style clone/Red Battle Droid
    White SA (AOTC) style clone/Super Battle Droid
    2 or 3 Tac Ops troopers (Use either the #41 or #6 mold)
    2 or 3 Utapau clones
    2 Kashyyyk Clones/"dirty" battle droid
    2 Galactic Marines (Clone Commander Bacara's clones)

    Those are just some of the many examples.

    If stores are "gun shy" at having so many troops, then why not sell them yourselves?

    Eliminate the middle man and sell these direct to customers. If stores complain, then turn it back on them why were they gun shy about these. We all know that retail stores are reluctant to have lots of troops due to limited shelf space and that they don't want to see pegs full of the same character. Heck we don't really either, but we have enough sense to know that those troops will sell.

    Anyway, you can partner up with some of the bigger online stores like EE to sell these. Though PLEASE make them make these AFFORDABLE! I'm sure I'm one of only a few who was nuts enough to buy the "super case" of clones. That cost me $325. I can readily say that had these been at or below the normal retail cost, I would have easily bough another super case and I'm CERTAIN more of these would have sold overall.

    There's been a running joke around here for you to sell a "Bucket of Troopers." I dare say that if you did, that would certainly sell. Personally I like the idea of selling troops in sets of 5 and 10. From the many years of collecting and interacting with other collectors from this site among others, locally, at convetions and the like, it's become apparent to me that hose collectors who army build on average collect between 5 and 10 troops. (again not accounting for those like me who are extreme army builders and on average get 50 or more. Personally I have over 500 AOTC style clones and 300 ROTS clones)

    In one fell swoop you can garner the money from a would be army builder and not the scalper making the money instead. You'd make us happy and you'd gain a hefty profit in the meantime. So it's win-win for everyone, except maybe the scalper but who really cares about them anyway??

    Here's just a rule of thumb with troop case assortments. Never have more than 3 different types of characters in a case. DO NOT short pack any of them (the whole idea is to troop build...)

    Here are some brief examples:
    Army building case assortment 1:
    12 of the same figure
    (This works best with basic clones like the Utapau trooper, Kashyyyk trooper, Tac Ops trooper, Stormtroopers, Snowtroopers)

    Army building case assortment 2:
    6 each of two different figures
    (This works with lesser troops like Biker Scouts, Sandtroopers, Galactic Marines, Death Star Gunners, Battle Droids, Rebel Fleet troopers, Endor Rebel Soldiers)

    Army building case assortment 3:
    3 each of 3 different figures
    This works best for those types of troops that are a little higher in rank than the grunts. For instance: Imperial Officers, TIE Pilots, Clone Pilots, Battle Droid Officers, Clone Officers, Shocktroopers, Clone Commandos!

    Another good rule of thumb is take a look at the movies themselves. If a particular type of troop is prevalent in a scene, make MUCH more of them. IF they are in smaller scene, use the second example, and for quick scenes, but where some troops are seen go with example 3.

    It befuddles the collecting community masses why after all these years you still haven't gotten it right. You were OH so close with the white clones of the ROTS line. The major problem there was that there weren't really just plain white clones in the movie. Certainly not enough to want to army build them. (Even though I got over 100 of them alone between the #41 and #6 molds, but I'm the extreme example)

    Yes, we are fickle, but we also spends hundreds if not thousands of dollars on you product. But we'd get even more if you'd make the troops from the movies.

    Okay, I've said my peace. I really hope someone from Hasbro reads this. But doesn't think of this as ripping on them, because that's not how I intended this thread. It's meant to implore Hasbro to cash in while the interest is still there, make ALL fans happy and make collecting SW easier.

    Respectfully submitted,
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    This sounds like a great idea and there have been several people who would love to go to a Walmart or Target or TRU and pick up a set of army building clones. I think several people including myself have asked Hasbro for the Bucket of Clones. The bucket in the shape of a clone tank or AT-TE and maybe 10 clones inside. The buckets could be designed to reflect battles, perhaps Utapau, Kashask, Geonisis, Mygeeto, etc.
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    I'd like to officially voice my support for this idea. I've yet to see either Scorch or the Utapau Clone, and I've already seen the equivalent of more cases of the Geonosis wave than of the Jabba's Palace or Hoth waves. I'd like to get my hands on several Utapau Clones. Even just two seems like too much to ask.

    So far this year, and not even counting stuff that's not hit retail yet, you've had a few possible army builders:
    Scorch (possibly with different paint schemes)
    Utapau Clonetrooper
    AT-AT Driver

    A sold case of those guys would sell like hotcakes.

    If you're still iffy, keep in mind that there are other, slightly less obvious army builders: Jawas, Gungans, Tusken Raiders, Wookiees, etc. (Just keep in mind that if you revisit Wookiees, it would help to do more than just slap three different shades of brown on the same, very distinct sculpt.)
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    Chux you're totally on the mark with those other characters too. I just didn't want to overload my already long post.

    Most definitely those characters would sell.
    Here's some suggestions:
    Tusken Raider Attack (Includes):
    3 Tuskens (all different molds since they have them)
    1 Bantha
    3 Gaffi sticks
    3 Rifles
    Cost $30
    The background of the box Luke's Landspeeder hovering in the canyon (like we see in the movie)
    This set could be expanded to include Luke, 3PO, R2, and Ben.

    Jawa Traders (Includes):
    2 short Jawas (One dark robes, one light robes)
    2 Tall Jawas (One dark robes, one light robes)
    1 short Jawa with two Bandoliers (new sculpt)
    1 Tall Jawa with light and dark shades of cloth (as seen in the movie) Possibly new sculpt or repaint
    and TWO never bfore made droinds from the Purchase of the droids scene.
    Cost $30
    This set would finally help to flesh out that scene nicely. We'd get some new sculpts/repaints and NEW droids, which is always a welcome choice by many.

    Battle of Naboo Battle Pack:
    3 SA Gungan warriors
    3 "Clean" Tan Battle droids (Episode 1 mold was grreat, make sure to use STURDY plastic)
    associted Gungan accessories, Battle droid backpacks and blasters
    Cost $30
    I have to say that I was highy disappointed with the lack of "Clean" Battle droids. I didn't like the battle damaged ones. The dirty one was okay, but I couldn't find that one much either. The other disappoitment was the Gungan Warrior. Very limited in pose. I would have army built the heck out of that figure had it been more poseable. As Rick McCallum (Producer of the Star Wars prequels) said "There's nothing like 4000 Gungans fighting 4000 Battle droids." Now I wouldn't get that many, but 40 of each is VERY doable for me. Going that route, I'd buy 13 of those sets mentioned above. At a cost of $30 each that's $390!

    There are other sets that would make sense.
    The following "Death Star" sets would cost no more than $25 each.
    Death Star troops set 1 "Stormtroopers":
    5 SA Stormtroopers with blasters
    Make this set in abundance!

    Death Star troops set 2 "Prison Cell guards":
    4 Death Star Troopers (the ones with the wide bowl helmet that you can see their face)
    1 non-descript Imperial Officer (Black outfit)
    all with blasters

    Death Star troops set 3 "Imperial Defense":
    4 Death Star Gunners
    1 non-descript Imperial Officer (Black outfit)
    all with blasters

    Death Star troops set 4 "Imperial Pilots":
    4 SA TIE Pilots
    1 Darth Vader (Get to reuse any number of Vader molds here)

    Death Star troops set 5 "Imperial Officers":
    2 "Lieutenant" Officers-these have two red over two blue rank squares (different heads)
    2 "Commander" Officers-these have three red over three blue rank squares (reuse Moff Jerrjerrod here, but with different heads for each)
    1 "Admiral/General" Officer with four red over four blue rank squares (can use Admiral Ozzel mold here, but with different head)
    The biggest thing with this set is consistency of color in the uniforms. We've seen the officers in olive drab uniforms as well as grey uniforms. Here's a chance to make this set in BOTH colors. Just dont mix the colors in the sets. Either all loive or all grey. (Some people don't like one color over the other. Making them color specific will very much cut down the complaining and you might find that people would buy MORE of the product if they knew they didn't have to get the set with unwanted colors.

    Now here's an extra special thing with those five sets, bearing in mind that they are for army builders who would OPEN the sets, have each set come with a small hologram card that when you collect all five cards (yes one of EACH set and you would number the cards as such), you send them in with a small amount of money for shipping and handling to get an Exclusive "White" uniformed Admiral. This admiral was seen in the movie, so it's fully acceptable as a real character to make. Again, you can use the same mold as the regular admiral, just repaint and use a different head (without a hat-that's important as he never wore a hat in the movie) We don't get the hologram cards back as that would make it all to easy for people to just keep resending the cards again and again for the exclusive. It's a price army builders would be willing to pay. (At least I know I would)

    There are yet more sets, but I'll post those ideas later.
    Here's the things with those Imperial sets, since the 30th anniversary is next year, there is time to make them. There's going to be much "to-do" about this anniversary within the Star Wars fan community and I suspect even in the mainstream. It will certainly bring the movie back to the forefront. That's the time to capitolize on these specific figures!

    Since the movie came out in May, you can release a new army building set every month starting in Jan '07. 5 packs/5 months. You choose how long to have the mail-in offer for. If you end up with extras of that White Admiral, then that's when you sell him for $20 on This way carded collectors and others have a shot.

    I know they'll balk at that, but the whole idea behind these packs is to open them. Having a mail-in is a "reward" of sorts to those who actually open them up, play with or set them up in dioramas. They are toys afterall...

    Respectfully submitted,
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    I haven't seen a basic carded STORMTROOPER at retail since 1999 (there was maybe 3 of them on the pegs) - the major troop builder of not one, not two but three Star Wars films. That sums up the situation for me. So at the very least this suggests that they fly off the shelves, assuming that that they have appeared at Irish retail and I just missed them. Yes, this motion has my full support.

    Edit - By the way I have 6 VOTC stormies, 1 commtech and 1 stormie from the Imperial Forces Battlepack. I have more than twice that number of Darth Vaders. Now I don't have a problem with Vader but come on - stormtroopers are equally as recogniseable. Stop putting Vader in every wave when a stormtrooper would be more welcomed by kids and collectors alike.

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    I dont care how they do it, just make em.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    I dont care how they do it, just make em.
    I can apprecite the excitement for wanting these anyway they do it, but I personally do care how they do it.

    Allow me to explain. It's been insanely hard to find certain figures over the years. Most of the troop builders. I'm positive that I'm not the only collector who gets frustrated by not finding the figures I want. And it's certainly not due to lack of trying to find them. If Hasbro keeps short packing them, they will continue to frustrate their customers.

    Star Wars may live orever in our hearts, but it's NOT going to at retail. I definitely don't seeing it lasting until 2018. Why? becuase with nothing past the TV shows and the vast majority of stuff already relased, the collectors and kids of today just aren't going to have the room for 12 more years of collecting stuff.

    That's why I'm urging Hasbro to sell these sets NOW. I realize they may consider that we'll continue buying over the years and that future figures will cost more, thereby making them a little more profit. Problem is by making certain figures SO hard to find, they are actually LOSING profit RIGHT NOW.

    See, I'll buy those sets now, but am am souring on the prospect of continuing to get figs in the future. Mostly because it's so dang hard to find them now. Hasbro needs to strike while the iron is hot though. With the 30th anniversary of SW next year, it's the perfect time to make those Death Star sets I proposed.

    It makes it much more fun when we can go into a store and find what we want. Many people might only buy 1 set of each, but that will fulfill the need of many. The chances of scalpers buying up several hundreds of dollars of stuff at EVERY store is dang near impossible, so everyone would have a shot at getting these sets.

    I loathe the idea of having to find these on card now, as I know everybody and their brother wants them and Hasbro short packs them.

    Now Hasbro might give the excuse, well we tried that with teh Coruscant set and it didn't sell through fast enough. That can simply be answered by saying "You used the WRONG sculpt for the Coruscant clone". As much as they might not like it or want to hear it, they need to throw away the AT-TE gunner mold and the Jet Pack trooper mold. (well if they can find a way to integrate the AT-TE gunner's legs with another mold, maybe save that part) Truth be told, most people like the #41 and #6 mold the best.

    It's become readily apparent that the young kids who grew up with The Phantom Menace are now growing into collectors and certainly want armies of clones, battle droids and the like. I have every belief that if they haven't already, they'll cling to the original trilogy as well. So the excuse cannot be made that kids don't want troop type figures either. I've seen it time and again when at stores that a kid is asking his parent to help them find clones.

    Okay enough about clones though.

    If Hasbro were to sell these in packs, I believe that parents would be more apt to buying them, than individually carded figs as they feel they can save a buck or so while getting their child something they want. We collectors of course will buy these in droves to. Carded collectors will get their usual 1 of each. 50/50's will get their two. Loose and Army building collectors wll grab even more.

    I'd love to see Hasbro sell these direct to customers though, becasue we aren't competing with kids/other collectors/scalpers. We just order what we want.
    Hasbro can manufature tons of these. Ship them to the major warehouses in the US, Canada, and Europe (don't know if there's one in Asia, but they can ship direct from there since that's where teh plants are to begin with). When batches of certain sets get down to a certain point, fire up the process and ship more out.

    Single carded for army builders is killing the hobby for us. I DON'T want to pay $15+ for these same figures on eBay, when they should be readily found at retail.

    Okay, I've repeated myself a little. I'm very pasionate about collecting SW as well as army building. I can get carried away sometimes.

    Move along, move along

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal
    Single carded for army builders is killing the hobby for us. I DON'T want to pay $15+ for these same figures on eBay, when they should be readily found at retail.

    I pay the Euro equivalent of $15 for figures at retail and sometimes more sometimes less online, so costwise I'm well used to being ripped off. I'm totally desensitised to it at this point. Thats how dead the Star wars line is in Ireland. Obviously though army building multipacks like the ones you propose or like the EE clones would be preferable to buying single carded figures.

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    Well said JMS, i just hope hasbro reads this!

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    I bought hundreds of figures last year--not because some damn movie came out but because your company saw fit to release them. This year I would love to buy hundreds more, but I imagine due to availability issues, I may buy a grand total of fifteen and that is if I luck out enough to find at least one of each figure I am looking for. Now if I want fifteen unique figures but would like to buy hundreds of figures in total, what types of figures make up the difference? I'll give you a hint: I'm not planning to buy, for example, one hundred Han Solos.

    I know you don't care that some guy is selling a trooper on eBay since you already made your money, and I understand that. Honestly, it makes perfect sense to me, and that would be my reaction too. But at some point thinking purely of yourself and profit (as I freely admit I would be--and again I'm sincerely not judging), you must realize as mentioned above that you could be getting in on this. We want these figures and you want to sell them to us (you do right?). Can no one there think of any way to match this complementary pair? Isn't that what some of you are even paid for?
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