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    Question .45 scale Force FX sabers

    Wouldn't THOSE be cool? Maybe they could run on watch batteries and still have the same led technology? "Smaller" sound but still accurate sound?.:lipsrseal

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    I had the same thought. They might look kinda cool, but I don't see MR investing the money in a mini Force FX line. I just don't think there's a large market for them. The things that make the regular Force FX line a hit, in my opinion, are as follows: 1) cheaper full-size hilts, 2) playability, and 3) the price is reasonable (typically $100-120...although my Best Buy is clearing them out at $70).

    In order to make a .45 scale Force FX line, you'd lose the playability feature, the hilts would be the same size (why buy them if you already have the regular .45 scale line??), and there wouldn't be much of a price difference.

    At best, MR may consider picking the 2 or 3 most popular sabers and creating .45 scale Force FX versions. But even that is unlikely.
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    No, offence...but they sound like they would be novelty keychains. Tiger or another company made one that lights up a few years ago. I would have to pass on this product.
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    Assuming MR put the same kind of quality into the 45 FXs as the regular 45s, I would SO be all over a FX mini.

    I have been looking at my minis trying to think how I would make some blades that attach and light up,,

    I think it would rock.

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    I don't think that having the fx feature would increase it's playability becasue it's just too small for that. I just imajine the laser energy when I see them.

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    Well, it just depends on what you do with your replicas. I dont play with my scaled sabers, I just look at them. In that sense, having one or two with light up blades would be something I would love to have.

    To each his or her own, so to speak.

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    I dunno about this, I definitely don't think there would be enough room for swing sensors (maybe a crash sensor tho'), nor a LED blade that ladders on and off, and while it would be cute it seems like it'd have to be around $50-60 which is too close in my book to the full sized Force FX sabers. I guess a light-up blade might be cute for a desk item, but I suspect it'd have to be pretty inexpensive and thus low on features to be a worthy buy.
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    Look at this little saber with the blinky lights!

    JT is right too -they would be too expensive anyways. Might as well get a full sized FX.
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    [QUOTE=Jayspawn]Look at this little saber with the blinky lights!

    Yeah - it was just a thought. If it turned out to be like that, then I would'nt want it. It would have to work just like the full size - that's how the fantasy goes anyway.


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