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    A Scanner Darkly (or mabudon & JBF have a chat) (right click and save as)

    That's the newest trailer and the older, shorter trailer is available at:

    Anyone at all interested in this film? Good, bad, is Hollywood going to mess up another P. Dick book to film adaptation? Doesn't look like it. Anyway, I felt a thread needed to be started to get the folks here interested in this film.

    I was going to type up the synopsis of the novel on the back of my copy (which I have yet to read, please don't hit me mabudon!), but I don't know if the info it reveals is a spoiler or not concerning the Bob and Fred characters. I am in the dark in trying to explain what it's about, so if anyone can do, I'll surely welcome them to do it.

    I don't know if we have any P. Dick fans here besides mabudon, but I think the film is visually shaping into something that should interest everyone (not to mention the story itself), both Dick and general film fans alike.

    Soon mabudon, soon I will read A Scanner Darkly and we can continue that conversation I started last year on that other forum.
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    Phillip K. Dick? if that's who you mean the only book of his I've read is do androids dream of electric sheep. a book far superior to the movie based on it. Ridley Scott made a good sci-fi movie but frankly he trashed any resemblence to the themes and motifs of Dick's book. And omitting the central theme of faith and reality/unreality and the sheep of the title and all that implies and signifies just left a gaping hole in the movie. And harrison Ford was a really bad choice for Deckard. As was Rutger Hauer for Roy Baty. and letting Rutger make up his own lines? oh dear lord nonono that was bad.

    annyhoo. the trailer for scanner looks really cool. I'm loving that style. Though getting a leeeetle bit tired of seeing Keeeaaaaanuuuuuu playing that same character again. y'know the Jonny Mnemonic, Neo sort of thing. Robert Downey Jnr. looks cool. Nice to see him do something half decent. This looks like being one movie I'll make a point of seeing just because of the over all style and the story, well that'll probably take me a while to get my head round. and then I may read the book. and confuse myself further

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    Always a gamble using Keanu Reeves - Linklater should have used the safe bet of PK Dick vet Ben Affleck.

    And depending on how much blow Robert Downey Jr. is doing on set, it could be a good movie.

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    That is indeed the man I was talking about, Jargo.

    Yes, it's too bad that they did not cast the talent from previous Dick inspired films such as Cruise and Schwarzenegger.

    Me, I am in the camp that thinks this will end up being a great adaptation of the original source (which I will read soon!). The way Linklater has handled this project reminds of how Rodriguez handled the making of Sin City.

    It will be great. Unless you hate Dick's original works, then this movie probably isn't going to have much appeal.
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    because of the brain pills I take I haven't had concentration that lasts more than a paragraph in a looooong time. so consequently haven't read many books. Do androids dream of electric sheep is a book i'll read time and time again though. And it's about time someone did a really good job of turning it into a movie or mini series. I've been meaning to get hold of the Dick catalogue for a while as I do like to have complete collections as far as possible. Even if it takes me years to get round to reading the books. Been spending all my mo-nay on toys though. But seeing as my favourite toy company just went belly up I guess I'll have some free cash this year. Time to hit Borders i think.

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    well, keanu's acting aside, i've seen this animation before in linklaters "waking life" - very cool documentary format pic about the nature of perception, relationships, being, the world around us and inside us... very cool stuff. at first i thought the rotoscoping animation was just gimmicky, but the way they're using it in this trailer is VERY cool... i'm excited.
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    The TV spots are hitting now and I'm warming up to the animation.

    What I'm NOT warming up to, though, is this bit from the credits:
    "featuring music by Radiohead"

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    From the bits I've seen I'm stoked but I am not sure if it's playing around here.
    I have seen a couple trailers and it looks like the story elements shown are bang-on, I will certainly have some comments once I get to actually view the thing, maybe it'll show up here this weekend??
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    I saw it last week, and I absolutely loved it. I didn't realize it wasn't out everywhere yet, though. All in all, an intense and enjoyable movie. Robert Downey Jr. was incredible.
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    I saw this trailer over a year ago and then it fell off the map. Then I think the trailer was focusing more on the left and right side of his brain fighting. Now the trailer has a bit different feel. I want to see tt thhis one. I think this may bring a new genre of movies . . . .
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