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    Personal Interstellar Transports

    What one Star Wars starship would you prefer to see and be seen in while tooling around the galaxy? A fighter, perhaps? An A-Wing, or classic X-Wing or TIE equipped with hyperdrive? If the Clone Wars era is your thing, maybe you'd like a cherry Jedi Starfighter with external hyperdrive ring.

    Want a little more elbow room? How about a Lambda-class Imperial Shuttle or modified Firespray-class patrol and attack ship such as Boba Fett's Slave I?

    Maybe you're in the market for an inconspicous freighter with some rather personal (and likely illegal) "modifications" often found on famed smuggler ships such as the Millennium Falcon or Dash Rendar's Outrider.

    Why not cruise around in style in those gleaming Theed Palace space yachts favored by the swells and royalty this side of Naboo? Heck, even the Hutts ride around in style in their Ubrikkian luxury yachts.

    Or make an impression in your system with a classic Victory-class Imperial Star Destroyer. If Imperial aesthetics ain't your thing, how about something more organic and feng shui-friendly, such as a Mon Cal Cruiser?

    So what would your personal interstellar transport of choice be if you lived in the Star Wars universe?
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    It'd definitely be the Bicenntenial Condor Millenium Falcon. The one great feature is the hanging dice. That just exudes pimpdom. It's also got it's own gaming table, plenty of storage for your collection, and it's a great fixer upper. Corellian transports all the way.
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    Well now that we know the Corellian Corvette CR90 'blockade runner' can make planetfall, I think I'll go with that. it's a good size, fairly robust, equipped with plenty of lifeboats, has decent weaponery. the interior could do with some modifications as all that white would drive me space blind in a matter of days. but the styling is both simple and functional. relative comfort and enough room to move around. turn that baby into a pleasure cruiser and that's me set.
    Though for a little R&R I'd favour an Ithorian herd ship for the lush greenery. As long as I had an interpreter with me.

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    I'd take a Battle of Coruscant-era Jedi Interceptor...although I'd custom-fit it with an onboard hyperdrive. Even with my own Earth-bound vehicle, I prefer something small, manueverable, and totally dependent on my own skills. That's why I don't fly on planes...can't stand the idea of not being in control of my own transport.

    However, if I would ever need to make a strong, intimidating presence, then I'd take a Venator-class Republic Destroyer.
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    If you asked me this several years ago, I would have been torn between the X-Wing or the Millennium Falcon, but since I have turned to the darkside, and I am single, I would have to cruise around in an Imperial TIE fighter, though I don't like the massive blind spots with the large solar panels.
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    I would rock Slave 1. Its awesome.
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    i want to be a backseat pilot aboard the clone wars gunship
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    Millennium Falcon, Snowspeeder, X-wing, landspeeder - those are the ones that have always caught my attention. The Falcon though is really the top ride, it not only has room for all your friends, it has enough room to turn part of the ship into a flying disco. And I love that it has a hyperdrive, deflector shields, 2 quad-cannons, a boarding ramp, and a top hatch.
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    I want the Falcon, too, but with an A-Wing docked to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobafrett
    I would have to cruise around in an Imperial TIE fighter
    Definitely a TIE Fighter for me too. Just think Frett... We could cruise the galaxy, scope out the chicks, hit up some bars, kill some Jedi. It'd be fun brother!
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