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Thread: Lando Bust?

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    Lando Bust?

    Anyone get one yet? Just a little impatient!

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    I have one on hold for me as soon as the come in. A buddy of mine runs a comic shop and he said that they have been delayed by a few weeks. He's in tennesse, but it should be the same everywhere. Give it a few weeks.

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    I have one on hold through a e-tailor I frequent. He's not one of the big ones, but he's got VERY competitive prices on most of his stock. That and he's an incredibly quick shipper. (Also have the Emperor Bust on hold through him too.)

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    I have a Lando bust on order. Havnt heard of mine shipping yet.
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    Got mine today, it is awesome!

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    Got mine today from a local comic shop. It is sweet, you won't be disappointed.
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    Apparently mine charged and shipped today. Good to hear.
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    Picked mine up from my LCS Friday and am very impressed. He looks great displayed next to Boushh, the Gamorrrean and Salacious Crumb.

    I'm actually glad I didn't order mine online for once because out of the 4 Lando's I had to pick from only one had the eyes painted well. The other three were a bit sloppy and I was quite surprised at just how much it threw the likeness off.
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    mine's due friday.

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    Got mine last Thursday. Looks nice with Leia. So what are you all paying for these things? I paid $41 before tax. I guess I get about a 20% discount. Is that about right Snags?
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