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    Warner Bros. DVD Chat (B. Runner, Beetlejuice, Superman, Kubrick & more!)

    Warner had a chat with the Home Theater Forum recently. These chats tend to reveal interesting information about upcoming releases. This chat was no different.

    Chat transcript:

    Toward the end of the transcript is a list of facts from the chat.

    Yakuza is coming shortly and Up the Down Staircase maybe in 2007.

    They're working on a SE for The Road Warrior.

    The film Caged will be released on dvd. It got bumped from this year to 2007.

    Warner will be releasing most of the following before year's end: Mad Love, Mask of Fu Manchu, Mark of the Vampire, The Walking Dead, Doctor X, Frankenstein 1970 and Attack of the 50 FT Woman.

    They found the orig. neg for Mark of the Vampire and Mask of Fu Manchu. Warner described the restoration as stunning. Also, the censored scenes from Mask of Fu Manchu have been restored.

    Warner is still discussing The Devils for release.

    Scheduled for release this year or next are the following: Greed, The Wind, The Crowd, The Big Parade, The Scarlet Letter and Show People.

    Warner wanted to release The Bowery Boys in chronological order starting in January, but then saw the awful state of the masters and are now reevaluating their options as to what order they will release those films. They are still searching for better 35MM elements.

    No plans for Altered States or Brainstorm. 2007 is a possibility for Dark of the Sun.

    Warner is not revealing much on Film Noir Volume 3 except to say at least one Robert Mitchum title and one MGM title is involved. Also, there will be another Volume after 3.

    Warner is trying to secure Twilight Zone: The Movie for release.

    There is a legal problem with releasing Nothing Lasts Forever. Caddyshack and Under the Rainbow are getting look at for releases. Next year might see Funny Farm and Spies Like Us. HBO controls 3 Amigos while Warner is their distributor so they will pass on that request to their sister company.

    Warner is going to release the 1922, 1937 and 1952 versions of The Prisoner of Zenda. Lots of adventure films this year and next.

    Grumpy Old Men films will hopefully be released in OAR and nice packages this year.

    Warner still looking for better elements for The Magnificent Ambersons and will release Journey into Fear with it. Be patient this might stretch out for a couple more years.

    Still working on the Charlie Chan Monogram films including The Black Camel which can only be released in the US and Canada.

    Warner looking to do a SE of The Candidate and Jeremiah Johnson with participation from Robert Redford.

    Warner doesn't own The Stranger. They're still talking about Zabreiske Point.

    Warner looking at boxset for Andy Hardy films in either 2007 or 2008.

    Looking at more Kazan films such as America, America and The Arangement.

    More Joan Crawford boxsets including the film Flamingo Road. Look for the next release in 2007 with Flamingo Road being restored.

    Clark Gable boxset coming out in June with Dancing Lady included. There will be more Gable and Harlow films. Also, looking at Ginger Rogers films from RKO.

    Crossing Delancey before the end of the year. Also, another Doris Day boxset.

    No plans for My Fellow Americans, Action Jackson or Class Act.

    More Kubrick films besides the four that's been announced.

    Bridges of Madison County anamorphic release might be next year. Also,
    the Ventura films.

    Paul Newman collection coming this year with Harper and The Drowing Pool.

    The Rain People, Rachel, Rachel, Far from a Madding Crowd, Shoot the Moon and Big Hand for the Little Lady this year or next.

    Risky Business SE for 2008.

    No more non-anamorphic releases for film with 1.66 OAR. First up Clockwork Orange. (ABOUT TIME-JBF)

    Looking at a John Grisham boxset.

    Warner still looking at Gangster Volume 2 might be single releases.

    Looking at revisiting Little Shop of Horrors, also a SE of Beetlejuice
    and still talking about Blade Runner.

    James Cagney and Robert Mitchum boxsets for 2007.

    More westerns besides those from John Ford and John Wayne.

    Some Came Running will be in a Sinatra boxset. Home from the Hill in the Mitchum Boxset. Also, looking at other Minnelli films like Four Horsemen of the Apocalpse.

    Warner looking at Glenn Ford boxset.

    The Shining and Eyes Wide shut will be released in 1.77 aspect ratio. (Again, ABOUT TIME!-JBF)

    No SE for some Bogart films that's been previously released with restorations
    from the orig. camera negative.

    Working with Andy Griffith to release No Time for Sergeants.

    Looking at Stanwyck boxset and have enough titles to do 2-3 of them including The Mad Miss Manton.

    Looking at Maisie and Dr. Kildare boxsets.

    A Summer Place is a possiblity next year as well as a Natalie Wood boxset. They acknowledged that Excalibur, Arthur, Outland and Year of Living Dangerously need better looking dvds. Acutally, a new transfer has been completed of Arthur so that will probably come out soon.

    The Cool Ones and The Big Cube might come out. Looking at Who's Life is it Anyway and The Power. Man in the Wilderness will be out in 2007. No plans for Looker.

    No plans for Wheeler and Woosley films. Some of them are controled by Columbia.

    The Warner Gangster Volume 2 will be officially called the Warner Tough Guys Collection. City for Conquest is one of the titles. Won't reveal any other titles except to say that Edward G. Robinson, Cagney and Bogart films are in it. Each film has been restored from orig. camera negative elements.

    Private Benjamin OAR release might be a possibility. Warner doesn't own High Road to China. Going in Style is already released in OAR. No plans for The Man Who Saw Tomorrow or Grandview U.S.A.

    A double feature dvd with the Dark Shadows films next year. No Delmar Daves collection, but looking at releasing some of his films.

    Warner is still looking for 35MM film elements for the full length 102 minutes of The Sea Wolf. They have 16MM elements of it, but will continue to look for 35MM. If not found then they'll use the missing sequence from the 16mm print.

    Zsa Zsa Gabor films coming with Queen of Outer Space coming soon.

    Another Errol Flynn boxset in 2007 including Gentleman Jim and The Charge of the Light Brigade.

    Another Lon Chaney collection with Tell it to the Marines, He who gets Slapped and both versions of Unholy Three restored from the original camera neg.

    Gremlins and Gremlins II possibly released in Hi-def in 2007. Will look at Hey, Good Lookin.

    Warner recognized the popularity of Allied Artists films. Looks good for The Giant Behemoth release. Gold is plan for next year. Another Powell/Loy boxset in 2007. Soldier in the Rain another possiblity. Thinks The Picture Snatcher and Enemy of the People is a hard sell for dvd release.

    Twilights Last Gleaming will be part of a Burt Lancaster boxset next year.

    Goodbye, Mr. Chips with Peter O'Toole is a strong 2007 possibility.

    2-Disc SE of The Green Mile this year.

    Singles, Dreams and Three Kings not being revisited at this time.

    Bonnie and Clyde's 40th birthday next year so watch out for a SE. Brewster McCloud needs a new anamorphic transfer. Performance coming out within a year. No plands for Fearless.

    Mann's Side Street a possibility for Film Noir #4. No plans for Desperate at this time.

    Poltergiest SE Silver Anniversary on target for next year.

    A Tale of Two Cities along with David Copperfield being prepared to be released at the same time. Looking at Little Dorrit.

    That's Dancing a possibility for next year along with some more MGM musicals.

    Looking at Angus.

    Warner doesn't own RKO's short library only RKO's feature films. No plans for a dvd release with short-only collection.

    No plans for Vitaphone short films. Some might be included with other feature film dvds.

    Warner doesn't license out their material to other companies. It's a strict company policy.

    Executive Suite is slated for 2007.

    Carbine Williams a possibility for the second James Stewart boxset. A 2-Disc SE of Deliverance scheduled for next year.

    Warner looking at releasing remainder of Weismuller Tarzan films next year followed by Lex Barker in the future. The Picture of Dorian Gray a possibility for next year with color inserts.

    Looking at releasing Garland's Star is Born for high def. Also, maybe the 1937 version too.

    LA Confidential 2-Disc SE in 2007.

    No definite release date for the Superman 14-disc collection except that it's before X-Mas.

    An American in Paris SE pushed back to 2007. Need to revisit Rio Bravo. No plans for Persumed Innocent or Arsenic and Old Lace.

    The Hill coming out in 2007. Don't own Wonder Man with Danny Kaye.

    Work is still being done on the Superman films so no definitive answer on the longest possible run times for all those films.

    No plans for Exorcist III, The Man with Two Brains and The Witches of Eastwick.

    No plans for Electric Dreams, Blue Skies Again and Reckless.

    Superman Returns will be a part of the 14-disc Superman collection.

    Warner releasing Spirit of St. Louis in the Stewart boxet. Doesn't have rights to Wilder's Fedora and Buddy, Buddy.

    Man Who Would Be King SE for next year. Looking at, but no definite plans for Mad Max beyond Thunderdome, Michael Collins, Ladyhawke, Outbreak and Maverick.

    Still looking at releasing 1951's Angels in the Outfield.

    Looking at Twice Upon a Time.

    Prince of the City with Lumet commentary and bonus material for next year.
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    Beetlejuice SE? That's so cool I can overlook their double-dipping on practically every WB DVD I own!
    That's my jacket!

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    I think a good bit of it might have to do with the HD formats launching (hopefully) in the near future. Some of them I am very interested in (like The Shining), but think I'll just wait and see what happens with HD first.
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    Caddyshack again? The current DVD is a very nice set, I can't imagine what else they could add that would top it.

    Under the Rainbow are getting look at for releases. Next year might see Funny Farm and Spies Like Us
    Ugh, Chevy Chase crapfest boxset.

    SE of Beetlejuice and still talking about Blade Runner.
    Sweet! Both of those would be excellent. Been a while since their last DVD releases too.

    Won't reveal any other titles except to say that Edward G. Robinson, Cagney and Bogart films are in it.
    I wonder if they'll release the Eddie G./Bogie film "The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse", Bogart's a tough in the film but Eddie G ain't, it's a weird comedy flick. I'd say they'll release "Brother Orchid" and "Bullets or Ballots" as well since those have both actors and fits the bill, but I gather MGM bought the rights to 'em.
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    "Dr. Clitterhouse" ?

    Never heard of it.

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    Hmmm... The original camera negatives for The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut are full aspect (1.33). If they go with a widescreen (1.77) aspect ratio then they are actually going to chop off some of the film. I've been wanting a widescreen release of The Shining for some time now, but there is no way it could be accomplished without stretching or cutting film from the top and/or bottom of the movie. I'll definitely keep my original copies so when I want to watch the film I'll see everything that was shot, but I'll probably pick up the new copy of The Shining if it has some really good features.

    Some that I am interested in... SE of Beetlejuice, 2-Disc'er of The Green Mile, Poltergiest and most definitely Funny Farm.
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    Yes, Kubrick and aspect ratio always leads to a debate among the DVD folk, doesn't it?

    I think they would matte the film, UK, since I'm sure that's what they did for its theatrical run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by James Boba Fettfield
    I think they would matte the film, UK, since I'm sure that's what they did for its theatrical run.
    Yeah. Either way, I'd pass on the new release for the film version of it and pick it up or rent it for the special features. Hopefully it'll be steaming with extras, The Shining that is.

    Quote Originally Posted by JBF
    Yes, Kubrick and aspect ratio always leads to a debate among the DVD folk, doesn't it?
    It's been known to.
    "That's the best deal you're gonna get. I won't tell you you can save yourself, because you can't."

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    Like a Stephen King commentary track!

    I can't imagine the things he would say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by James Boba Fettfield
    Like a Stephen King commentary track!
    Yea, I was going to mention that I would definitely view the new release if it had a good commentary track. King and Nicholson would be awesome. It's a shame they can't do a track with the man himself, Kubrick, God rest his soul.
    "That's the best deal you're gonna get. I won't tell you you can save yourself, because you can't."


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