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    All-Con is Back for 2006! (Dallas, TX) - Captain Typho, Barris Ofee!

    The Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas is rather blessed with a heavy concentration of conventions of interest to all kinds of fans throughout the year. One of my personal favorites returns for its second big year, All-Con! All-Con 2006 will be held in Dallas, TX at the Sterling Hotel (I-183 at Regal Row) the weekend of March 17-19, 2006 and will feature events from the moment the convention opens on Friday morning to the moment it closes on Sunday afternoon! That's right, 24 hour programming!

    All-Con 2006 is a fan-organized multi-genre convention featuring a great guest line-up (film/television/comic guests including Jay (Captain Typho) Laga'aia and Nalini (Barris Ofee) Krishan), two 24-hour video rooms, the second annual Ms. Star Wars competition, model building competition, costume contest, live music, improve comedy, a game show (five times during the weekend), shadowcasts of Rocky Horror and Moulin Rouge, Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre (by the nationally known Keith & Margo's), fan clubs, panels, LARP, tabletop and computer gaming, a Dealer's Room and the All-Con Super Store (by A Piece of the Action Collectibles), and more events and attractions than I have time or space to mention. Visit their website for all the information:

    Mrs. JediCole and I will be there all weekend as we are producing the aforementioned game show (twice on Friday and Saturday, once on Sunday) as well as representing the Dallas/Fort Worth area's fastest growing multi-interest fan club, Fandom at Random DFW!

    I hope to see many Sir Steve's Guide members at All-Con! Most of the weekend I should be easy to spot as I have taken to wearing a white lab coat to conventions! Be sure to say hello if you are attending. Need more info? Please feel free to email me (
    "Does the name "Dingo" mean anything to you?" - Jedi Boulton to DingoDad at the October Dallas ComiCon.

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    No possible way I can make the two-day drive to get there, but if Ms Offee is willing, you can mail her to me in Cali.

    Just don't tell Mrs Chuxter unless you can send her Jonny Depp at the same time.
    That's my jacket!

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    Jay would be awesome to say hello to. Nalini was SUPPOSED to be at a show in Chicago last year but she had to cancel. Mary Oyaya was still there, though.

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    Jay Laga'aia is a great guy! I met him at Celebration III, he was very nice.
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