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    Hooked on FXs. Now where do I find...

    A Luke ESB FX?

    I wasn't paying too much attention when FXs first came out, so I don't know if they made one, but I thought I remembered seeing it.

    Was it the old style EL blade, or LEDs?
    Is eBay the only place to find it? if so, I don't seem to be having much luck.

    I snagged the Vader ESB FX, now my wife wants one, the luke ESB is the logical choice.

    Also,, are they going to come out with a Luke ANH FX? and a Vader ANH FX?

    Those would be my ultimate sabers in the FX line.

    Thanks, all, and happy collecting.

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    Hooked on FX

    Some of the Borders near me (Metro Milwaukee) have them at retail....or ebay...ToyNK (Chicago) had a few up there and I have have bought from them in the past.

    Not the fastest email response but good, fair transactions.

    for the Dual Maul I am going since I am not a CS member
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  3. #3 is a GREAT place to do business. They're prices are pretty good on things. I've been doing business with them for years. They have a great price on the Maul FX. is another good place to get FXs.
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    The "New Hope" & "ESB" was the same for Luke. Just a word on the MR version. It was the first one they made and their technology has adavanced since then so the newer models are smaller and use fewer batteries. They're all around a little bit cooler!
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    The ANH hilt is slightly different from the ESB hilt, the ESB hilt has a second red button on the opposite site and a few other small changes. They haven't made the ANH Luke yet.

    Luke's ESB is no longer available, Borders shouldn't have it as they never did. Luke's is the second one with the LED blade, it takes 6 AA batteries, and is the perfect companion to the Vader ANH saber (the first LED saber, also no longer available), they go great together.

    If you don't mind the changes too much, get the Anakin Ep 3 ROTS saber, it's pretending to be Luke's ANH saber but with prequel changes, plus it's on clearance at BestBuy and Suncoast.
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