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    Orange AOTC Clone Trooper

    WTF is this, they made an orange clone trooper?
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    Yep. It was a KB exclusive I think. They also had a red if I'm not mistaken.
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    Yellow...not orange.

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    That is a yellow clone listed as orange, probably to get more bids or the seller is a bit color blind?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker
    Yep. It was a KB exclusive I think. They also had a red if I'm not mistaken.
    Correct on both.
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    Either the Seller customized it or they are color blind.
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    That looks just like the "Yellow" striped clone trooper I have, so I don't think the seller knows his colors that well, or they are just trying to pull a fast one.
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    The photo looks like orangey, but it's definitely the yellow version.

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