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    A tiny bit of insight from Tom Gilliland

    Tom Gilliland, Sideshow's Art Director (if I remember correctly) recently had a chat (link is in the new newsletter) where he stated that the Star Wars 12" line would be slowing down some now. He made it sound like they had a lot of figures ready in advance but that they are caught up to them now. And that they will tend to release them in blocks.

    A chatter asked if there would be Stormtroopers this year and all he said was that Imperial Troops (not specific) were not TOO far off in the future.

    I prefer one every week, but at least I'll be able to recover from the stress of the priority pre-orders.

    I hope they fill in the time with LOTR 1/6 scale stuff.

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    One a week? Man... that's a car payment. (I know, I drive a cheap car.) I'd rather they geared down to one a month.

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    They said origionaly that the Goal was 8 SW 1/6 scale figures a year. So far we have 6 and that takes us untill July/August. I seriously doubt tat much more than this would be avaliable. I mean they are already having trouble keeping up. Luke was delayed from March untill April, and I bet Han Solo and possibly Kit gets delayed as well.
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    CS - You may be right, but I hope not. I am Ok with a few more this year. And I hope at least one is a troop-builder.


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