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    Luke ANH Force FX

    Will this ever be made? I would think since they took a while to release the scaled and le version of this saber, that logically the FX version might soon follow.

    I was just wondering if anyone might have a heads up on that particular saber. That would be one I would want over the Ep3 Anakin that looks like a sort of cheap ripoff version of that saber to me.

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    Anakins ep 3 version is not a rip off of lukes ANH. It is Lukes saber just in pristine condition.

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    yeah, I know that.

    But when I look at both of them side by side,, I so prefer the New Hope version that the ROTS version just looks... well, cheap by comparison, in craftsmanship, design, detail, etc.

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    Am I the only onw who thinks that anaklin rots physically looks better than luke anh? Does the anakin rots have any movable parts? I know the luke one has the D ring and the push button.

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    They already made it sortof, Luke's ESB FX lightsaber.

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    yeah, I saw that, but it's getting hard to find. I was hoping for a new more attainable offering from MR.

    I am getting close to offering to trade my gold anakin ROTS mini and some cash for one.

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    yeah get rid of that mini and get a real one!

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    Anakin's ROTS lightsaber is beautiful!

    Theres no point in MR doing an ANH Luke FX. Maybe way down the road but not anytime soon. It looks too close to the ESB FX.
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    I dislike Anakin's ROTS saber, it's got no character, it's just pretending to be the ANH saber, the ANH saber has that bubble activation box and no weird crosshatched grip ring and a D-ring (which I prefer over the covertec 'cause the ring is elegantly simple, minimalistic and self-contained).

    I doubt they'll be doing a Luke ANH saber by the end of this year, we have Maul's hitting the streets this Spring and then Obi-Wan's ROTS later in the year. My guess is they're gonna wait for one more advance in the tech before coming out with it, that way further splitting the time between it and the ESB version - something they didn't do on the Vader ANH and ESB (though Vaders' are a little more distinctive from each other).
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    Is the crosshatched grip ring golden? Can that be pushed in? I never understood why anakin ROTS doesn't have a D-ring. What is a covertec?


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