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    Darren McGavin (Kolchak) Dead

    Night Stalker followed Don Knotts into the unknown.
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    Kolchak kicked all kinds of a**, too. Without his character we wouldn't even have The X-Files (on which he guest starred). Don't forget his great role in A Christmas Story. Many other great roles, too.

    Knotts passing was sad, too, but McGavin's gets to me more.
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    McGavin was also the dad in Billy Madison.
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    Fitting picture for the occasion.
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    Man alive. When it rains it pours I guess. Don Knotts was indeed bad enough but then McGavin. This is too much.
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    The big question is who will be the 3rd to pass.....they always come in three's....
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthQuack
    The big question is who will be the 3rd to pass.....they always come in three's....
    Since no one died after him everyone's saying that Al Lewis was the first then Knotts, then McGavin.
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    This saddens me, a lot. I'll always remember his performance in "A Christmas Story." Such a grouchy guy at times, but i still kinda tear up when i see how giddy and excited he is when Ralphie is opening up his coveted Red Ryder BB Gun. RIP Darren.
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    I loved him in Billy Madison.


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