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    108 31.30%
  • Only the 6" Ultra vehicles

    15 4.35%
  • Only the 3" vehicles

    50 14.49%
  • No

    172 49.86%
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    I really like the 3" line. I just think that they look so cool sitting on their little bases. I don't buy ALL of them... some of them kinda suck, but I like 99% of them.

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    I have picked up only a few of each line. I loved the gunship and ACR-170 Ultras. As far as the 3" line goes, I want to only pick up the limiteds and vehicles that will never be made anyway else (RAC, Juggernaut, Swamp Speeder). It is a nice way to have some of these vehicles represented in my collection. Now if I could only beat the Hotwheels b****s to the limited ones I would be happy.
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    I voted yes, but I'm not buying them all. I did manage to find the white TIE (which isn't so limited after all) and the republic gunship. The reasons I won't collect this whole line is because I could not possibly find all of these (especially the gold Vader TIE), plus I am not a Die Cast fan.

    If this was a small scale of ships that were all in the same scale it would be kind of cool... as it is we have speeder bikes that are just as long as Star Destroyers. They look cool and are very well done, but they don't work for dioramas, and are just one more thing to collect. I have managed to limit myself to 3 3/4" figures even with all the other lines being introduced, so I feel no need to add this line to my collection.

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    The problem there is that Star Destroyers would be the size of a couch while speeder bikes would be smaller than a grain of rice.

    I am collecting both lines, but not picking up each piece, just the stuff I like - though that is most of it - and not picking up the ones that I already have from the Galoob line (same molds and paint masks). I think die cast is great, metal gives the toy a real substance feel, plus less warping and breakage than plastic, less semi-translucent plastics for added realism.
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    This is a fun line -- that little AT-AT is one of my favorite things. Being short on display space right now, the Titanium stuff has been great for me. Besides, everyone knows that die-cast is plastic's best friend.

    Oh... and I've passed on the larger ships so far, but I'm looking forward to some of the OT ultras. I've got my eye on that Snowspeeder for sure.
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    I do collect these and have liked this line since the Action Fleet Micromachines die-cast. So far I have almost every one, except for the WM blue Tie and Slave 1. I have all of the Ultra released except for the Tri fighter. Which I don't like.

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    I havent bought the 6" line because of lack of funds. I like the way they look and all, but I do get roughly 95% of the 3" line. I love those little things.
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    I think they're good looking, but I don't plan to get any.
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    yes but not everything. I only get the ones that look good and have yet to be released from the first MM line.
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    Look, I think the Titanium line is cool and all. But I'm so frustrated with not being able to complete my 3 3/4" collection that I'm not going to bite on anything else til I have! If Hasbro wants my money, it's easy to get. Just pull back all the stupid custom cycle and get the Geonisian wave out there! Especially the clones!!
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