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    108 31.30%
  • Only the 6" Ultra vehicles

    15 4.35%
  • Only the 3" vehicles

    50 14.49%
  • No

    172 49.86%
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    Yes.........*sigh*..........I'm hopelessly addicted to these.
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    Saw the Die Cast Figures....passed...they just did not grab me.

    I have some of the 3 inch vehicles and loved them but not all of them.

    I want the core ships and some of the repaints (Tie, X wings) but nothing grabs me.

    Maybe if my options are to choose between the 3 3/4 figures and the Die Cast I will choose the figures.

    For metal items...I have gone MR Mini to match Unleashed (olde Skool) figures.
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    Picked up a Clone Wars Gunship to put beside the animated figs, but that is it. I have all the old Micro Machine vehicles, and I think a few of the die cast ones, but have resisted any of the newer Titaniuum vehicles. Once I get the old stuff displayed properly, I may fill in a few blanks with some of the previously undone ships.
    As far as the 6" line goes, I loved the Action Fleet series, and have all of em. I like the new 6" vehicles, but I don't need them to be diecast, or have a display case and the price is too high considering all the other stuff out there.

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    i'm not a completist but i love this line! i even have multiples of some of the 3" vehicles. for the figures i'm planning to pick up the tact ops trooper and IG-88. i'm even contemplating repainting the 6" republic gunship into the clone wars scheme.
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    It looks real nice and all but TOO much stuff already for me so I voted N.O. At least there are lots of choices though for those of us who love Star Wars and not a lack of things!
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    im surprised of the results. more than half the people don't.
    these babies are cool...

    for me i am only interested in the 3' line.
    i might be picking up some of the ultras and maybe the 3.75' sometime in the future but my focus is on the smaller ones.

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    Thumbs up Yes!

    I voted "yes" even if I am collecting just the Star Wars vehicles (both size) and not the figures or the non-SW stuff (Transformers and Battle Star Galactica ).

    The vehicles are from the entire saga, and this line is what we can get in place of the old MicroMachines and Action Fleet stuff. Moreover I like very much the package and the display they came in.

    But I am worried about the limited editions and the convention items (the gold vehicles). I would not like if they turned the fun into a nightmare (after all if Hasbro wants to make money why not release all the stuff we want to buy, are they trying to support the secondary market? ).


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    I really like these for some reason. I am starting to get bored with the silver/gold exlusive garbage. So far I have gotten the Wal-Mart multipacks for the other repaints in the packs. The latest pack is a hard pill to swallow since the only ship I want is the Y-Wing which makes it an expensive ship. I don't think I will get any of the raw items (ships or figures). I like the look of the figures but if they start releasing these too often I won't be able to get them all since $15.99 is too steep to do too often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    The problem there is that Star Destroyers would be the size of a couch while speeder bikes would be smaller than a grain of rice.
    Yeah, I know... just my reason for not wanting them. I have the 6' x 4.5' x 2.5' TRU Falcon display from years back and this thing is actually in scale with the 3 3/4" figures. I couldn't imagine even a 1:84 scale star destroyer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Val Da Car
    Saw the Die Cast Figures....passed...they just did not grab me.
    Do you mean Darth Vader and Boba Fett? I didn't know these were hitting yet. If these are the ones you are talking about where and when did you see them?


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