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    Then how come Lego doesn't use window-boxing for their packaging?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    Then how come Lego doesn't use window-boxing for their packaging?
    Lego is a different thing all together. They have a following that extends beyond Star Wars, and the different lines just gives Lego collectors something to focus on.

    However, they have used window boxes... even some where you can press the little people's heads to make their lightsabers glow. Also, some of their packages have flip up panels where you can see the pieces... but you have to build the lego sets, so you couldn't see the ship/playset anyways.

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    Actually they do Tycho, they have been displaying some of the figures in window boxes for the ROTS line. All the light up sabers and stuff.
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    I know guys. I was trying (very unsuccessfully) to be funny again.

    I'll stick to my Mouse Droid and Liquid Dawn material.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    Now display space / storage space concerns are a different animal. That can get annoying, but there are creative solutions to those issues - and again, you can cherry-pick what you'll keep there as well.
    You know what a good way to deal with that is? Titanium Series! They're a lot smaller and look great on display, you can have a whole fleet on your desk and have room for a few 4" figures to boot.

    Quote Originally Posted by timmae
    all i want is figures. why is it so tough to get a figure. i have a slave 1 limited to trade in the trading section. i saw a whole encap at walmart yesterday of those stupid motorcycles. how about shipping 2 cases of figures? it don't make sense to me. can't get them on line, can't find them in the store, then they flood the market with stupid stuff.
    Because Hasbro has burned retailers so much with awful case assts that lead to mega pegwarmers that they're gun-shy. The SW Custom Choppers are unrelated, as are the Titaniums, they're not even the same division at Hasbro.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dindae
    Don't recall suggesting holding off just agreeing with Tycho that we need more vehicles.
    It wasn't you, it was others, there was a general sentiment growing about it so I wanted to respond to it.

    I agree the sandcrawler tanked but I believe that was mainly because it failed to be appealing on almost every level. The scale was horrible, its a boring vehicle, and it was incredibly over priced.
    That's another one of Hasbro's problems, collectors (sometimes rabidly) ask for boring vehicles that few people actually will buy and they're unsure of what's good and what's not. The Sandcrawler was BEGGED for over the course of the last decade, people kept saying they'd buy the old one gutted of its electronics and repainted, yet they really didn't becuase it was expensive and was out of scale. I did buy it on mega-clearance and it WAS a bit boring and out of scale, but it wasn't that bad. I think the problem is that Hasbro has forgotten/forsaken the notion that vehicles are there to sell more action figures, so they should be making them as readily available and inexpensive as possible.

    However if you look at 2000-2002 POTJ era you have TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor, and B-Wing all sold well. It can be done. The fact the January came around did not make anyone stop collecting.
    The B-wing didn't sell well, Target had to clearance a lot of them out, I was able to buy a second one at half off. The problems were blatant: the price was too high and the pack-in was super lame. And what else came out in that era? The Imperial AT-ST, which sold ok but was only hard to find at first until word of mouth did it in (poor quality materials); and Luke's snowspeeder which was short-shipped due to lack of interest I believe (at first it wasn't hot, but after a while it dried up). And generally when January comes around, casual buyers DO dry up, first quarter is always the low point in toy shipping because of the post-xmas crash.

    So if the stores are clogged with these vehicles (jedi sf, tri fighter) you are suggesting Hasbro and the retailers decide that instead of coming up with something new they are going to repack the same stuff on the shelves and put it out there to sell even worse than it is now.
    I can't explain why Hasbro made the decision to carry them over into the TSC brand, my best guess is that they wanted to ensure that there were SOME vehicles for late-comers or something (Kenner did this with the vintage line too). As for why no new vehicles though, that's obvious, it's about risk, Hasbro looks at every new vehicle in terms of paying off the costs to create the mold, if they think a new vehicle won't sell enough units to pay off the mold and turn even a little profit, they won't risk even trying - this is what did in the Action Fleet line... twice. It's backwards thinking to me, they actually have molds in the AF line that they never pressed simply because they felt they wouldn't make their money back - it didn't matter to them that they already PAID for those molds and any money from them would lessen the impact of that.
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