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    108 31.30%
  • Only the 6" Ultra vehicles

    15 4.35%
  • Only the 3" vehicles

    50 14.49%
  • No

    172 49.86%
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    Do you collect the Titanium Series line?

    This week's poll asks Star Wars collectors if they are getting into the new Titanium Series die-cast metal line. The line seems to be doing fairly well since it transitioned from Wal-mart exclusive to full-blown mass-retail earlier this year, with several waves of 3" vehicles and 6" Ultra vehicles. Plus there's also the upcoming additions of 3.75" Titanium figures and new franchises to the line, Transformers and Battlestar Galactica, the Titanium Series line is growing into its own property!

    Keep in mind that you do not have to be a completist to be considered collecting this line.

    So, of the 3" vehicles and 6" vehicles currently out now, are you collecting the Titanium Series?
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    I've been selective as to which of the 3" series I've bought. I was lucky enough to get the CW Republic gunship and the white TIE fighter, and I picked up the swamp speeder, since it was just different.

    I'd like to get the 6" ARC-170 Ultra but that might have to wait just a tad longer.

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    Yes, i've been getting both sizes. I preordered all the small ones though and am just grabbing the ultras when i see them. I just found the ultra Slave 1 a few days ago at Walmart. I still haven't seen any of the titanium figures at retail. I don't care for the marketing ploy of treasure hunts, chase, and limiteds in the line though. I gotta get me one of those gold Vader TIEs from the comic con this year! Sweet!

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    No. I've cut out a lot of Hasbro from my SW collecting as of late.

    12" is shifted to SideShow.
    Role-Play is shifted to Master Replicas.
    3 3/4" is of course still Hasbro.


    SW Transformers are performing miserably (or heavily over-stocked) at my Wal-Mart
    SW Titanium (figures, ships, mini-ships, etc.) holds no interest for me.
    JediForce seemed to have disappeared or are relegated to re-runs.
    Galactic Heroes seem to be repaints and not tempting enough to make me buy yet.
    Force Battlers are rehashes with minor changes in accessories that don't even tempt.
    The Custom Choppers are also performing miserably (or heavily over-stocked) at my Wal-Mart and Target

    We'll see how it all ends up of course, but I am spending literally THOUSANDS less on SW this year and to me, that's actually a good change.
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    I collect the vehicles only. Just because the Action Fleet series are not in production

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    I don't collect them with Sideshow, MR and the few hasbro figures I pick up the cash flow just isn't there anymore for me to scoop everything with a Star Wars logo on it
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    I collect all of 'em. For some reason I'm in to these lil things (and there bigger cousins) even though I wasn't really in to the old AF and MM lines.
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    I collect them all. I have doubles of all of the small ones, with some extra openers for some of the fleet building type ships, like all of the Rebel fighters, TIE and Capitol ships.

    I only need the newest wave and the two gold ships to complete the collection, so far...
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    No. Lack of interest and space.
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