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Thread: What's next?

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    What's next?

    Has anyone heard or read what's next? The Topps website doesn't say anything.

    From conversations with other collectors, here's some possibilities:
    * Part 2 of the CW series 1 cards. Still haven't seen ch. 11 - 20 in this series. Kinda left hanging.

    * CW series 2. Five more chapters.

    * ROTS 3D cards. Don't know if it's feasible, but it would be cool to see. The technology is there, but can it be done affordably?

    * Galaxy 4 series. Great series that could be revisited.

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    I was just reading the new issue of NSU (Non-Sport Update) and they have Star Wars Evolution #2 listed as an upcoming release for July. It is also listed on their website

    I checked the Topps website and they have no news of this set yet but that's to be expected as their site is always slow to update.

    I'm excited about this already as the first Evolution was a fantastic set but incomplete in that it only hinted at Attack of the Clones which came out the following year (not to mention Revenge of the Sith, which was still several years away).

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    So do you think Evolution 2 will be an all new bunch of cards, or maybe the old ones + a bunch of new cards? (I never bought the old Evo cards. Been thinking about it...)

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    Good question, I don't want to speculate too much and get my hopes up but I think there will be an all new set.

    Of course they will still do all the main characters (just like the figures ) but they have plenty of different shots they can use, so it should be VERY cool if they do it right.

    The first set was fantastic, I loved it. The base set was neat but the really cool cards were the A and B chase cards as well as the promos because those are the ones that crossed over between films. For example, a headshot of Phil Brown with a full body inset shot of Joel Edgerton as Uncle Owen. Or Sebastian Shaw and Jake Llloyd. Or....

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    I attended my monthly SW club meeting yesterday. One of the guys in attendance is an avid card-collector, too. He's helped me out. He informed me of a new set, but said Topps was being tight-lipped with exact details for now.

    He and I have speculated about a second series of Evolution cards.

    You are right, Caesar: Evolution was a great set.

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    They aren't being tight lipped anymore,
    WOW is this juicy . . .

    I know I'll never get the GLu, Alec, or Peter card and likely not the Hayden or the C cards but it's still going to be a GREAT set.

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    I'm not big in the cards but that would knock my socks off ( the new pair I found in the back of the drawer at that) if I opened a pack and saw an Alec or Peter auto. I'd like to have George's as well but with those 2 great actors passing on, having there auto would be amazing.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    I can't wait to see what the insert odds are going to be . . . astronomical, for sure.

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    New avatar, Caesar? I really like it.

    Back to the cards... Yes, exciting news. I enjoyed the original set. I never did complete all of the A and B subset cards. Still missing a few on each.

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    The As and Bs were the coolest I thought because we got some of the AOTC teasers in there.

    This time, since I know I can't get the autographs (well, other than JEJ anyway) I will probably compromise and treat myself to the super rare C cards and that will cap the set for me. Of course I'll load up on the base set, the As, Bs, and definitely all the promos. Then the Cs, hopefully.

    As for the promos, no word on those yet but last time I believe there were 3 of them, right? 2 different Obi-Wan cards and a Nien Nunb.
    The pic on that link shows a card of old Ben with ROTS Ben....I assume that will be a promo card? Either way, I love it.


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