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    Cool When I rule the world... A thread of hypotheticals.

    Ok so here's the deal. Imagine that for some reason beyond imagining you actually gain control of governing the entire civillised and uncivillised world. What would your dictates be? How would you institute law and order? What or who would you rid the world of and what would you create and instigate that you deem to be of benefit to humanity?
    Feel free to go wild as this is purely a hypothetical thread and no possible consequences could come of it besides showing up bigotry or sexism or any other ism. so I guess we should try not to libel individuals but there are ways of saying things without saying them. which is the beauty of the english language.

    People, go wild. you rule the world.

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    Bwah ha ha!

    The very very very first thing we need to do as a species is recognize and accept that not everyone is created equally. Just as some people are more athletically inclined, we have to accept that some people are just dumb and will never have the mental capacity for common sense or the ability to grasp reality. Those people need to be culled from the herd. Details on the process of finding them to follow at a later date.

    A-Class Jerkoffs need to go as well. Those people who just roll through life with blinders on as if they were the only one's who matter. These losers are easy to spot and will be terminated immediately.

    The willfully ignorant have a choice: get with the program or catch a ride on the next ship to the Sun. While religion does play a sometimes useful role as a social control agent, it seems to create more trouble than it solves. Those who choose to believe that their chosen book of worship is historical fact get kicked off the island. They should have nothing to fear from this as they should be confident that the place they're going is better than the one they're leaving. Testing centers to find these people will be set up in the vestibule following services each week. Disposal of their earthly shells will continue as needed.

    Taxes will be paid not on what you earn, but rather on what you spend. All "staples" of life will be categorized uniformly and set prices will be established. All other things will be considered luxuries and taxed accordingly. In other words, everyone is free to be successful and earn as much as they want and can. And everyone will be able to afford the basic necessities of life. Anything purchased above and beyond the basics will be taxed at ever increasing rates depending upon how much it is not a necessity. Money will be uniform all around the world.

    Alternative forms of energy will become a priority immediately. There is abundant wind, rain, sun, and "gravity" that we should be able to create enough energy without having to dig and burn stuff.

    There will be no private schooling allowed anymore. All schools must be funded uniformly and standards set. Children will not advance according to age but rather they will advance in each subject in their own time. And all will wear uniforms. Teachers will be paid like rock stars.

    The internet will be free and accessible to all. There will be a free press accessible to all. At no time will ideas or information be suppressed, EXCEPT when said idea runs counter to facts backed up by good science and/or common sense. For instance, there will be no racism tolerated nor any more nonsense about the world only being 10,000 years old. Only true information is allowed to be disseminated and taught to impressionable naive children (and vulnerable adults).

    We will make it a priority to advance science to the stage when we are capable of travelling to and populating another celestial body. A certainty is that one day, hopefully far into the future, this planet will die. If we want humanity to survive, we need to get to work on this seriously some time soon.

    It will be very difficult to get married, but very easy to get divorced.

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    Anyone will have the power to, without fear of repercussions, b-slap anyone with a lower IQ than themselves for saying or doing something stupid.
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    Make everyone follow taoists principles and get rid of the rest of the religions. All other religions...GONE! People can obviously still believe in a higher power or whatnot, but everything else about organized religion will be terminated!
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    Captain Crunch will be reengineered so that it can't tear up the roof of your mouth.

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    Damn, Stilla. That list is nearly perfect. But I'd like to add a couple to it.

    No more socks with flip flops
    If your car is more than 40% bondo then you need to buy a new one
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    Anyone over the age of 19 will not be able to wear pants with stuff written on the butt.

    Certain clothes will have limits, such as age and weight.
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    Unless the butt says "Wide Load," right?

    I think no belly should ever be exposed unless it belongs to Giada deLaurentis or Meadow Soprano. Or Barriss Offee, but that would require the genetic engineering of hot green women. Come to think of it, I'll get my people on that right away!
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    Why put up with anybody? Kill everyone but me. Okay, everyone but me and the guy with the keys to Disney World. Okay, everyone but me, the guy with the keys to Disney World and a good cook.
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