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    Which Star Wars Titanium Series 3" still need to be done

    This thread will cover the whole saga, so feel free to comment on the ones you want to see turned into Titanium Series 3" vehicles.

    Because LFL and Hasbro scaled back on Ep 2 merchandise, there were no new Ep 2 molds for the die cast line, so the Titanium Series 3" vehicle line cannot go back and borrow old molds for it the way they have with the OT vehicles and Ep 1. Hasbro has produced a Republic Gunship, but that was also in Ep 3 so it's no surprise they did that one. So which Ep 2 Titanium Series 3" vehicles could they do?
    • Naboo Royal Cruiser
    • Coruscant Speeder (Anakin)
    • Zam's Speeder
    • Ep 2 Jedi Starfighter
    • Ep 2 Jedi Starfighter w/ hyperdrive ring (or better yet, removable ring)
    • Airbus
    • Naboo Royal Yacht
    • Acclamator-class Republic Assault Ship
    • AT-TE
    • Geonosian Starfighter
    • Cliegg Lars' Swoop Bike
    • Dooku's Speederbike
    • Hailfire Droid
    • Homing Spider Droid
    • Dwarf Spider Droid
    • Dooku's Solar Sailer
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    I think you covered most of them there.

    I think it'd be cool if they made the Drop-Ships that dropped off the AT-TE's (i.e. make an Action Fleet scale Drop Ship with an MM scale AT-TE )

    Otherwise, still hoping for an AT-TE and an AOTC Jedi Starfighter...

    They could make one in Plo Koon's colors, too, since that's in ROTS

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    Look at the AF Republic Gunship, there's no way that thing would be small enough to be the dropship for the AT-TE. I think they could pull off the dropship scaled to work with the AT-TE in this line, look how big the Imperial Shuttle is.

    Ok, let's do what Titanium Series should be done from the entire series, I'll change the thread to fit.

    Oh, and they should really release the Naboo ships, including the Royal Starship, in chrome.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Chromed ships would be AWESOME! I mean even the pewter Naboo Royal was chromed.

    I doubt they'll do it- and how do you want to bet that if the Naboo Royal Cruiser from Ep. 1 is re-released in the Ultra Titanium line it'll be flat metal?

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    There are already "raw metal" chrome/silver-paint ships in the line, Slave I just got the silver treatment, and they did gold tone on the Vader's TIE, so I really think it wouldn't be much of a stretch to get silver onto those Naboo ships.

    The Action Fleet Naboo Fighter was designed for vac-metallizing (chroming), I can't imagine them doing it any other way.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    To be honest I'm not sure what has and hasn't been previously made so I'm gonna give a list of my wants and you guys can point and laugh because some of them have already been made. Here goes:

    Mon Cal Cruiser
    Rebel Transport (like the Bright Hope)
    Rebel Frigate
    Tantive IV
    Republic Cruiser (Radiant VII)
    Trade Federation Battleship
    Invisible Hand
    Trade Federation Dropship
    Hailfire Droid
    Spider Droid
    Greivous Wheel Bike
    Greivous Starfighter (the one Obers takes)
    Cloud Car
    JSF with Hyperspace Ring
    Geonosian Fighter
    Gungan Sub
    Outrider (hey it was in ANH so I can hope)

    I think some of these in my list have been made but like I said I'm not too sure.

    Also, they aren't in any order (as if you couldn't tell). I just typed them as they came to me.
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    Executor has been made, sandcrawler has been made, Radiant VII has been made.

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    Well, Silver isn't Chromed, really- I thought you were talking about Mirror-finish chrome. Ah well.

    Otherwise, the following have already been made in DIE CAST in the old Galoob line, slicker, so there's a good chance we'll see them in the Titaniums line as time goes on:

    Republic Cruiser (Radiant VII) - coming out soon anyway- Shown at Toy Fair
    Trade Federation Battleship

    Look for 'em on Ebay under Galoob.

    It'd be AWESOME to see an Outrider, but that ain't gonna happen

    I'd still like to see a Metal Virago...3" OR 6"...

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    Only ones I can think of that haven't been named are...
    Coruscant Taxi
    Seperatist ship from E3 with that huge disc on top. No clue what it's name is, but they included it in the Battlefront game.
    EP3 Shuttle
    Droid Fighter with open wings
    Vulture Droid with open wings
    Wookiee Catamaran
    Seperatist treaded Tank (the ones they were using to invade Kashyyyk's shore)
    BARC Speeder with Adi Gallia
    Speederbike with Clone Trooper
    (mostly, I'm just throwing stuff out there that's overlooked )

    Repaints I'd like to see...
    Galoob's green A-wing paintscheme
    Galoob's Rogue II paintscheme
    White DV TIE
    Mace's purple Jedi Starfighter

    Preferably in a 5-pack so the Rogue II Snowspeeder doesn't have a chance of sitting alone.

    As for expanded universe ships...

    Moldy Crow
    Raven's Claw
    Z-95 Headhunter
    TIE Defender
    TIE Advanced (different than Vader's ship)
    Imperial Gunboat
    Imperial Missileboat
    Clone Tank
    Clone Fighter (Clone Wars)
    Swoop with Dash Rendar
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    I wouldnt mind seeing speeder with CLone armored Obi Wan on it.
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