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    Exclamation the new saga2 figures wave 3

    I went yesterday the 28th to a walmart supercenter probably about 10 to 15 minutes from my house and my girlfriend and i walked to the toys isle and found the whole wave 3 with schorch and the utapu clone and the rest of them. And i was shocked cause walmart is alot of times slow about that sort of thing. I grabbed schorch, the utapau clone, both versions of the c-3po and the genosis worrior. i didnt have enough money to get the new jedi and dont really care for the jango fett or the yoda cause they are a rehash but then we left and went to a walmart in ohio (i live in ky) and they had a few of the new ones and then we went to the walmart that is about 5 minutes away if that and they had a couple so i guess walmart is trying to be better at stocking up on the new figures but it was crazy but it was fun so yeah...they are out there and if you are having a hard time just keep trying you will find them trust me. i just thought i would left everyone know whats going on.

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    oh yeah also when i went and bought those figures i told the lady at the register that toys r us had them on sale for 4.99 and so i got them for that price. LOL!!!!

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    Cool finds, but you should have picked up Sora Bulq instead of C3PO. He's a better figure and he's one per case to boot.
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    yeah i thought about that afterwards but i will find him again.

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    Where's the moderators, this should go in the "Just Found".
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    Welcome ot the boards Goerge. Great finds BTW.

    Bacta, I am leaving it here becuase basically he is stating that he found the assortment in abundance, so no need for movement
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    Welcome to the boards JMG06 and thanks for the heads up! I have been religiously checking Wal-Marts every morning on my way to work and this gives me re-newed hope! I gots to get me a Utapau Clone variant!

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    I also found Scorch, Utapu Clone and Weequay Jedi Man at Wal*mart. I have been unable to get anything at Target due to the fact there is a Ebay scalp'n piece of trash who works tere now, they had boxes in the back and one kid was nice enough to go get them for me but Scortch and the clone was picked out of all 5 boxes.
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    Are you there when the store opens? If you are and you are sure that this employee is really picking through the cases report him to the store manager. Explain to the manager what is going on and how long it has been going on for. Make sure you say that certain items are not making it to the floor and that you want to know why this is going on. The manager WILL want to know that one of his employees is picking through the boxes in the back.They WILL look for this.
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    wow, realy?? I didn't think anyone gave a damn
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