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    March 2006: DVD Roundup

    Time to get this party started again!

    March 7
    Jarhead - 2 Disc Edition

    March 14
    A History of Violence

    March 28
    King Kong - 2 Disc Edition
    Robot Chicken Volume 1
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    Wow. I forgot about these threads... Good job on the resurrection Rocketboy.

    Well, if I buy anything this month it will be King Kong and Tales from the Crypt Vol. 3.

    I will definitely be renting more titles this month than purchasing.
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    Been awhile, hasn't it?

    March 21
    Tales from the Crypt - 3rd Season

    Have a few others I want, but have not committed to purchasing them.
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    Yeah, I thought of it earlier when I realized that this month is first time since Christmas time that something will be coming out that I want to buy.
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    Mummy of the raincoat is a gigantic trollop.

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    I picked up Walk the line today does that count?

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    Looking forward to King Kong. Though I think I will rent it first, in hopes that an extended extended version comes out later. Love those 4 hour Peter Jackson movies.

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    You can forget this:

    March 7th
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    I will definately be purchasing this one!
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    I'm all burned out on DVDs, I'm not going to buy many anymore....I used to buy wayyyy too many, then finally got that under control, and now that I'm more of a renter and a conservative buyer, I still don't have time to watch 80% of the movies I DO own.

    So for me to buy one in the future, it will have to be highly rewatchable and not for the sake of "collecting."

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    I'm with Caesar, though I picked up Walk the Line, and will be getting HP4, Lady and the Tramp, and likely King Kong this month.
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    March 7: Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire (2 disc edition)- MAYBE Jarhead
    March 14th: MAYBE History of Violence (need to see the two Maybe's)
    March 21st: Capote
    March 28th: X-files Seasons 4,5, and 6- King Kong (2 disc)

    Gonna be an expensive month!!
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