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    Thumbs down Are we all sick of the Networks and their "schedules"??!!

    I dunno, maybe I'm just being weird but do you guys think it sucks that the networks are tossing us one or two new episodes and then taking 2-3 week breaks in-between?

    It's not just frustrating... I think it's insulting!!!!
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    I basically stopped watching 95% of TV programs becuase of this. I get interested in the season and then they go and take a month hiatus. It is stupid and ridiculous. I basically DVR a few shows and that is it.
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    Well, in the case of Lost, I'm with you there. They show like 1 or 2 new episodes a month and every other week is a repeat. I think they think they can keep us all hanging in suspense.

    Generally, I don't even watch television and I wait for the complete boxed sets to come out on DVD but I'm so addicted to Lost that I HAVE to find out what happens next.

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    I have 5 to 6 shows in my line up.

    1. Lost
    2. Battlestar Galactica
    3. Veronica Mars
    4. Gilmore Girls
    5. Invasion
    6. Desperate Housewives

    ...and American Idol when that is running.

    The ones I can't watch get the DVR. It's sad that there is no real TV season anymore. They just string you along forever so you won't tune into another network and get hook on a rival show. Stupid.
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    I don't like it, but I try not to let it bother me too much. I'll keep tabs on when new episodes air and fill the repeat night with doing some other entertainment, like reading the books that just arrived from amazon.

    Used to bother me quite a bit, though. Now I just accept it and find other things to do.
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    Makes me crazy!!! I hate when they do that. Like now, I can't beleive we are at season finalies for the Stargates and Galactica. Lost makes me crazy as well. One week a new episode another week repeats.
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    4 NCIS
    5 CSI (Vegas)
    6 Without a Trace
    7 Lost
    8 Survivor
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    I loathe Network scheduling, and counter-programming, and dumping shows onto Friday night death slots, and endless reruns. Fox has always been the worst, but now they're all pretty bad. And they're SURPRISED that they're being abandoned in droves for cable and the internet, as if it weren't bad enough that they steal a quarter of every hour for ads, now they also ruin their schedule and cancel just about anything with promise.
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    The only shows I watch religiously are on the WB so I don't miss many shows...unless I have to work.
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    More reruns to come before new episodes are shown... *sigh*
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartnr
    do you guys think it sucks that the networks are tossing us one or two new episodes and then taking 2-3 week breaks in-between?
    This isn't a new thing, but yeah it is a bit annoying. Most shows tape (film, whatever) 13 episodes (including a pilot) to start, and then as many as 26 after that. I've never worked on a network show that did more than 26 per season. Using Lost as an example (it's the only "network" show that I watch -- I don't consider Sci-Fi and all that to be network, it's "cable"), they filmed 24 episodes the first season, so that leaves a lot of empty weeks to fill with reruns. But again... this is nothing new. Go look up "M*A*S*H" on IMDB and you'll see that they filmed 24 episodes (maybe 25 or maybe even less) each season.

    Quote Originally Posted by decadentdave
    they think they can keep us all hanging in suspense.
    Um, well... yes, that's the idea. Considering that an episode of "Lost" probably costs Touchstone Television between 2 and 3 million dollars, it's not hard to understand how they'd want to milk it for all it's worth.

    In the end, they're looking to make all of their money with DVD sales anyway... and that's probably how it is for most shows.
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