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    Titanium Series Complete List

    I was wondering if anyone has a complete list of everything that is in the 3" Titanium Series? Or where I could find one?

    I just bought the Clone Wars Gunship and I have Boba Fett's slave 1. But I am considering trying to get them all. But I know I am very behind, so I want to see the list to see if it is even worth trying to start. Then if it is worth doing I would need a list to cross off everything from it.

    Thanks for all of your help.
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    Look no further than Warstar's superb thread titled: Star Wars Titanium Series 3" Variant UPDATE.

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    I think I got 'em all, anyway- I may do a mini-update with Wave 6 info (coming out in MAY! Probably late April).

    One thing I noticed about Wave 6, though- no new Star Wars vehicles or paint jobs!

    I wonder if this means March/April will see only Waves 4 and 5 hitting stores?


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