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    Porkins? Now why would I need to find a Porkins?

    This won't help you out, DC, but I stopped at four Targets today (Hemet, Redlands, San Bernardino, and Fontana). All except Redlands had a crapload of Geonosis figures. No Scorchies or Clones, unfortunately. The Redlands store had about twice as many False-Unleashed Crapplepacks as they did a week ago, and also had the Maul and Boba Transformers. They both look like dookiefarts. Hemet had the Titanium figures as well. Removable helmet Boba or not, these don't look worth $15 by a long shot.
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    EC - Word is that the Redlands Wal-Mart is lousy with wave 8!
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    Seems like alot of places are getting numerous cases of the Holo Cody wave.


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