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    Natalie Portman hosts SNL

    Did anybody see this? The monolouge was her answering star wars questions which was great. I wished I had recorded it because that was very informative. She also did a skit where she was interviewed and she was shown rapping. That was by far the funniest skit on that show and I laughed a lot. she did a great job.

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    I missed the opening (was watching the end of another show), but I did like her music video. Everything else I saw on there was terrible, especially that musical act. Where they dig up these groups, I dunno.
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    haha, everyone on the west coast can still catch this as it isn't 11:30 yet.
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    She did a good job, overall. The opening was pretty funny and I really laughed at the rap song.
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    "i think you got your neimodians mixed up!"

    just the other day at jamba juice, i was wondering exactly why must they try to force one of the free boosts into your drink and lo and behold, there's a skit about it.
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    Natalie did a great job. The Jamba Juice skit was great! Her Rap had me rolling on the couch too. Her opening was pretty good, there was going to be some Star Wars questions brought up at some point so it was cool that she went into that right away.

    Falloutboy stunk! I couldnt understand a word they said.
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    She was a lot better at this kind of comedy than I figured she'd be. The rap was funny, but I couldn't help thinking "Wow, she is so white."
    I also noticed in the bah mitzvah skit, Sheldon called her by her real last name.

    As for Fallout Boy - how can a band with such a great name suck so much?
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    The monologue, Jamba Juice and rap were great. The Numi skit (in a sick sort of way ) was good as was the Bah Mitzvah bit. I also like the Sasha Cohnen sp? bit was pretty good as well.

    Larry King skit = sucked!

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    the begining was good, the the skits i saw where funny then....well, i was doing well until some band came on and i was out like a light, so whoever it was put me to sleep and i missed the rest.
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    Here's the link to her SNL music video. It's shocking but very funny.
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