View Poll Results: What time of day do you shop for Star Wars collectibles?

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  • Early morning (6am to 9am)

    81 29.45%
  • Late morning (9am to 1pm)

    59 21.45%
  • Afternoon (1pm to 4pm)

    36 13.09%
  • Early Evening (4pm to 7pm)

    39 14.18%
  • Evening (7pm to 11pm)

    25 9.09%
  • Late night (11pm to 6am)

    35 12.73%
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    What time of day do you shop for Star Wars collectibles?

    This week's poll asks collectors what time of day they hit their stores in the hunt for new Star Wars toys.

    Some of us go in after work while others are at the doors in the early morning, still others find the competition during the day too difficult and go in to 24-hour stores to hunt for figures overnight, while some remain casual and go in during their lunch hours when things are easygoing and there are few customers. Naturally you'll have to generalize on this one, not every collector can stick to a specific hunting schedule, so just tell us at what time of day you most often shop for Star Wars goods.

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    I usually go hunting when I wake up which is generally about 2 or 3 in the afternoon (and no I'm not lazy I get out of work at about 7 in the morning) and I haven't really had any troubles getting any toys. I do occasionally go out earlier but the majority of the time I hunt in the afternoon.
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    It's pretty tough for me to nail down one particular time slot. I stop almost every day at WM on the way into work, and at Target on the way out. (I'd do both in the morning, but Target's not open yet.)
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    There should be another selection for folks whose times very to much to nail down.
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    I have a Wal-Mart that stocks overnight and opens at 7am. I get there at about 6:45am and wait until they unlock the doors and then wipe everything out until I'm satisfied.

    I then go to Target and wait outside the door at about 7:50am, and do the same thing at 8am when they open the doors.

    I don't bother going when I have everything that's shipping (that I want) and enough of it (for armies, etc).

    I don't know if the HotWheel guys buy the stuff when I'm not there - because I'm not there. But I doubt it's profitable for them. So I think my leavings and eventually the stuff I was never there to see on the pegs anyway trickle down to the casual shopper, etc.

    Occasionally, when I'm up late, I stop bye close to midnight (they pull the pallets out between 10pm and 12am) - but I've had no reason to lately. I just don't want enough of the new stuff Hasbro is putting out there.

    The one thing I do is buy my household supplies from Wal-Mart (it's cheap considering their slave wages they pay to keep their costs down there). It's far easier to shop and have no hold ups in the checkout lines at 7am than at any other time in their busy stores.
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    dont have to shop my brother works @ toys r us and his gf's sister works the toy dept @ target and my mom works @ walmart so i am pretty much covered
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    If you shop at random times, vote for the one you spend the MOST time with, the general time, and if that doesn't work, try voting for the times you FIND the most stuff. Like I shop from 3 to 10 when I go out, but I generally don't find stuff after 8.
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    I own my own business so I can get out in the morning. I hit Target every morning they get a truck. I hit Wal-Mart as well but they have a group of late nighters that always clean it out before i get there. We have 2 super Walmarts in my town and there is a group of high school collectors that go at 1 am to both walmarts, So the only way I get anything there is after they have had their 1st pick. I get back at them at Target and toysrus though. Not really! Walmart always get stuff before anyone else and our toysrus sucks. Our Target is OK. Iv'e done well there.
    We seem to have some serious collectors around here. We are always cleaned out of Star Wars toys. I almost resent some of my fellow collectors. i get ****ed when I miss a recent shippment. Especially since i am so good about checking in. It seems i have to check every day or else I'll miss out.
    i never found one seperation of the twins figure because the high school punks bought every single one. They didn't even leave one!!!!! I know one of the kids has 4 sets. why does he need 4 frickin sets!!!!???? It isn't even a very cool set. Repacks with a baby. But I am a completist when it comes to 3 3/4" figures and i just want one of everything!
    enough venting. AM is the best time to look. Most stores stock at night. Happy collecting!

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    I usually make it out to stores after work. Occasionally, I can get to one around lunch time. Unfortunately, the time that I have available to go to the stores isn't a good time. I just can't find anything... mainly it's because of the people that wait outside of the stores until they open and wipe everything out... it's because of the people that wait around in a 24 hour store at 2AM (or whenever the store puts out the pallets) and wipe everything out... it's because of the scalpers who wipe everything out... it's because of the people that work at the stores and buy up everything for themselves or friends, and leave nothing for regular consumers. There just doesn't seem to be a whole lot left over. Luckily... I've kicked the completist thing when it comes to this new Saga line, so it doesn't p*ss me off as much now as it did for the last several years. There are still some figures that I'd like to find, however. Unfortunately, they are clones, troopers and other popular figures... so it seems that I might have a hassle when trying finding them.
    AND the hunt/competition continues!

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    6:45 am, day after day. I got used to getting up at 6:00 back when I had to go to work. Now it's habit, so I just go shopping.
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