View Poll Results: What time of day do you shop for Star Wars collectibles?

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  • Early morning (6am to 9am)

    81 29.45%
  • Late morning (9am to 1pm)

    59 21.45%
  • Afternoon (1pm to 4pm)

    36 13.09%
  • Early Evening (4pm to 7pm)

    39 14.18%
  • Evening (7pm to 11pm)

    25 9.09%
  • Late night (11pm to 6am)

    35 12.73%
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    Well, I usually check WM at night when they pack out as my schedule dictates,but will hit Target early morning about 8:30 if I am looking for something.
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    i have my best success during mornings. however, i have extreme difficulty waking up in time to make it to stores before opening and so i voted for late mornings.

    i have had a bit of success with early evening hunts - in fact, i found my one and only shocktrooper during an early evening (around 7 pm or so) hunt.
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    I put down early morning 6am to 9 am. I hate going after work in the evenings since there is usually nothing to be found. I have put stuff up for my fellow collectors, but since my store no longer has risers, it's first come, first serve.
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    'Late morning' here... I usually have to work at 12 pm so I will swing by Target and WM on my way, usually between 10:30 and 11:30 respectively.
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    I ussually hit the store on my way home from work 4-6. But if I'm going hardcore to find something I will go during my lunch as well.
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    Seeing as how I work from 8:30am to 5pm and have to wait on my fianceť to pick me up at 6-6:30pm, I'm forced to pick 7pm-11pm. I'd much rather go in the mornings but don't have the time to do so, and I can't justify doing that to my fianceť.

    It sucks that I'm so limited in time, because that forces me to have to go to many more stores than I really want to. Since stores are generally picked over by the time I get to them and the workers aren't going to restock the shelves that time of night I have to go to a lot of stores. Just in the hopes of finding those elusive figures I so want. Of course being an army builder makes it even tougher to find the quantities of figures I want too.
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    There really should be a "Whenever my life allows me to" option in the poll. I try to go in the morning but sometimes I have to go in the afternoon or evening. My life isn't dictated by Star Wars toys.
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    I chose the 6-9 am. Because my job is from 2am-11am and allows me to be out in my car from 6-11, I can hit WM early and head over to Target when they open on Thursday thru Sunday. I still can't hit ***t!!! I was off yesterday and today, but when I went to Target to get Harry Potter DVD for my kids, we went back and saw that the one day I did not go they put put 1 case of Geonosis. I need the CLONES AND STORES GETTING 1 CASE AT A TIME IS NOT GOING TO HELP THE COLLECTOR GET ANYTHING ESPECIALLY WHEN THE FIGURES PEOPLE WANT ARE 1 A CASE. Done venting now, I shall stop screaming to the wind as Hasbro and the stores seem to not want my money.
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    early morning works, i have 2walmarts and a target on the way to work, so in morning when i feel lucky i head out early to check... i sometimes show up late for work, but thats because i might have a great score.
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    Late morning, most often around the lunch hour.

    Fridays typically yield good finds since stores are freshly stocked in prep for the voracious descent of weekend shoppers. I usually avoid going on Mondays or Tuesdays since stores are still recovering from the weekend and the pegs/shelves often need to be replenished.
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