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    Who knew Yanni was so violent?

    I just can't help but laugh my arse of at this.
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    Wow, thats a shocker.
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    If he really wanted to hurt her, he could've put on one of his albums. Yeesh. And that mugshot is just BEGGING to be an avatar.

    and did anybody else see that episode "Pod People" on MST3K? Cos, every time I hear Yanni, i think of Joel and the Bots and their Wall of keyboards. might just be me though.
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    Very informative article for 2 reasons:

    1) I now know where he got that goofy name. Not a stage name at all, just his middle name.

    2) The piece quotes him in reference to his fans. Until now, I was not aware that he had any.

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    You guys didnt know Yanni was gangsta? You thought his funny name and bad music was all just a game? That mans the real deal. Word on the street is that he shot Tupac and Biggie. If thats the case his booty call got lucky cause Yanni dont play with nobody. Dont ever doubt his juice. Ever. Or you might be the next sucka to suffer his wrath.
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    Its all pent up anger and frustration from all that crap he writes (does he really write it? Or do you think its all free form, improv?) and performs.
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    Well, Yanni certainly didn't age well. And coming from a past violent relationship, it's not always the one the finger is pointed at who is the bad person. In my case, my girlfriend would lie about what happened, so I ended up looking like that bad person, when all I wanted was to get out of the relationship.
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    I was just thinking how overblown this sounds. Then I googled and found a story with a few more details. Now I just think it's a turgid non story. Why the press rattle out crap like this is beyond me. must be a dead new news period.


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