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    Has Cody Been Re-Worked?!!

    Here's a link to anothe site. I was just surfing for news and I came upon this. It's different from the other pics I've seen of Cody and it almost looks to me like he has jointed knees and ankles!!! I know, I know, I'm probably wrong. But hey, I can hope can't I?!!!!!
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    These look to me to be the same pictures the Hasbro site has had up for a couple of weeks now... I'm not seeing the joints at the knees or ankles, no matter how hard I look.

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    Okay go to this link and it may help. You can se that indeed the knees appear to be articulated. (As I said they were when I first saw the pics a few months ago)

    I took the image into photoshop and isolated the knee that appears to be bent. I contrasted it a bit to see if I could see the joint. I DO! Also key indicators that this is a ball joint knee is the knee armor. That knee armor is lower on the graphic and at a different angle. Now while this could be due to sculpt (which would also explain the slight backwards angle of the ankle), I don't think so. I can't isolate teh ankle joint because there isn't enough color in the image to do so. But the knee clearly looks to be ball jointed. Look for the two parallel lines running vertically in the knee area. Also note the SHAPE of the knees themselves. THey appear to be the same ball joint sculpt that is on many of the other clones with ball joint articulation. If Hasbro wanted to make this figure without the ball joint knee, then they would more than likely have sculpted the knees to look better and not so much like ball joints.

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    I hadn't noticed the joint in the Toy Fair photo! That is definately ball jointed!! But the ankles there don't appear to be. Wich might not be that big of a deal, but I would still prefer it. I didn't see the pics on Hasbro's site yet but it is indeed the same pic.

    Okay, so we're getting Cody (if we can find him) with ball joint elbows, knees, torso, and head. And traditional joints at the hips, shoulders, and possibly wrists. I can handle that. Though I would still prefer ball joint shoulders and ankles (and dare to dream. . .hips).
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    I am still pretty let down about Cody. I was all fired up to get him on a #41 sculpt. Now, instead of the extras I wanted, I will only get two of him (my son is begging for one).

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    Knees are definitely jointed (unless they pull that switcheroo like they did on... which figure was it, POTC Dannik Jeriko, I think) but ankles seem not to be articulated at all (look at the way the top merges with the shin armor, and the fact that there's even paint all across the ankle.

    The mid-torso is articulated, and the elbows are universal jointed, but you can see for sure in the Toy Fair photo that the shoulders are standard rotation joints rather than universal joints.
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    I'm all about removable helmets, so I'll be getting him.
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    I have to believe the ankles are articulated. Mainly because every mold they have used so far for EIII clones have articulated ankles. I assume that this is the same leg mold they used for one of those. Although I can't say 100% that Hasbro is beyond making a brand new sculpt and screwing it up it seems unlikely since the only clone they are/were manufacturing at the time would be the #41 mold.
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    I wonder if it was the antenna that made them decide to cheese out on the figure.

    Oh, well. No matter. I will love my Commander Cody no matter what his shortcomings are.

    And somebody, PLEASE, for the love of GOD, tell me who keeps putting the belts on upside down on some of these clone figures!


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