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    Where is Target's stock?

    So, for the last couple weeks or so I have been finding Poggle the Lessers and Sun Facs and C-3PO's warming pegs in Target stores, and I got up early two weeks ago to hit the local store and got my Scorch, Utapau Clone, and Sora Bulq.

    Clearly the Geonosis wave is shipping regularly around here - but I am only finding one or two Poggles on Target pegs, if that. So, the wave is shipping, but it doesn't look like these stores are getting more than a case or two at best every week or other week.

    So, why is it that Target has eight pegs set up for Star Wars figures in the aisle? Let's say you can get eight figures on a peg. That might be stretching it, but just for sake of discussion, that means your average Target store has planned to be able to have 48 figures stocked.

    I rarely find more than 4 or 5 on pegs - so what is going on? I know that Wal-Mart is having some kind of stock debacle (according to a poster here on SSG, anyway), but how about Target?
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    Its the same thing here with my Target, except they never got the geo wave. I did however find them at WM yesterday. After Scorch and the clone were picked through the 4-5 cases they got(I got two of each), I am left with 20 Hoth warmers and full rows of Yoda, Poggle, Sun fac and 3PO, so consider yourself lucky. Those wont sell and I am looing to be SOL on the Courascant wave in that store.
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    My Target only has 4 pegs for SW, and for the last two weeks they've only had a Bren Derlin and a Bib Fortuna sitting on the pegs. It is all that remains since their last re-stock a couple weeks ago, which consisted of 2 cases of Wave 3. It sold out in two days, and this is all that's left, from before that even, since they were Wave 1.

    By the way, on those pegs, they can only handle about 26-28 figures at one time.
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    The three Targets in MI that I've been to as of late (Mt. Pleasant, Saginaw, Midland) have had zero figures. None. Not even any Neimoidians.

    But they had plenty Custom Choppers.
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    I know what you mean. My target got ONE case of geonosis in and, even then, all of the clones (& scorch) had been bought. I make somewhat routine trips to my Wal Mart, and around 9 am I found just one Sora, Yoda, Poggle, and Sun Fac. It seems like a WM toy worker could be helping a friend out. I don't know. Finding clones is getting bad around here. I have not seen one clone in a long long time. It really is pitiful.

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    Actually, this ebb and flow of figure availability is not in the least unusual in this area. From the time I started collecting in "95 the pegs around here go through droughts and floods of them. And we are definitely in a drought right now, but I don't even think about it. I am confident that there will soon be a flood.

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    my local target has received 3 boxes of wave 1, 2 boxes of wave 2 and 2 boxes of wave 3. I have purchasse one of every figure out, the rest i know have gone to scalpers. thats what happens with my target, if a dont get it for my collection scalpers get it. and with the UGH its gonna be harder to find those.

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    It really makes me wish that Hasbro would start up the 1 of every figure club thing they discussed at C3. I am tired of staring at empty pegs or Bren Derlin. Hasbro is missing out on a lot of us taking advantage of this. I would do it to make sure I got my figures and would gladdly pay the extra shipping just so that I can save on the gas.
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    well , still no new figures at the targets around here, have seen the titanium line though, figures and ships, found the snow speeder today.
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    This is an issue that has been going on for a LONG time. In a non-movie year figures trickle out for the first 5 months, then summer should see a major drought unless your at stores at opening, then fall everyone will see and buy what they want as the pegs flood for the holidays. What your seeing now I firmly believe is low production numbers by Hasbro to do 2 things: show retailers that demand still exist for the product and to keep the interest of the fan in the figures.


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