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    Action Figures in General

    I was walking up and down the action figure isles of TRU today, looking for new Star Wars stuff but also just to see what's on the market today. As I mentioned in another thread on this website I am studying both Industrial Design as well as Toy Design. Anyway after seeing a large amount of figures ranging from GI Joe to Star Wars as well as Spawn, Pirates of the Caribbean, and many others to boot, I thought how cool would it be if all the figures were in the same scale.

    I mean as a kid I loved mixing lines together, Star Wars vs GI Joe, Transformers vs Voltron etc. Anyway the idea hit me to cash in on recent movie figures such as Batman Begins, Harry Potter, Narina, even the marvel and DC characters all in 3 3/4 scale. I mean how cool would it be to see perhaps Luke Skywalker vs Snake Eyes, Stormtroopers vs Batman, Harry Potter and crew facing off against Yoda. I mean the possibilties are really endless, and I think from the standpoint of a designer and someone on a tight budget, the toy industry would be booming even more so now then ever before.

    Also as far as scale, it would be easier to make diorama's, vehicles, playsets, and the storage space would be easier to save space. I love the idea of various lines being able to be mixed together and the thought of merging figures that might never see action together would be awesome. Also most kids these days to this on their own, but now they could really open up the field and make it easier for them to imagine. Think about it Batman takes on the Imperial Walkers. Optimus Prime vs the clone AT-RT.

    Whether the idea will ever become a reality, who knows, however I felt I needed to state my thoughts and see what everyone else thought.
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    It would be alot easier to make customs figures. I have seen parts that are taken from the GI Joe 3.75 line for SW customs.

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    I've seen the mixing of g.i.joe and star wars as well for customs...I don't really think it works out too well...I mean I've never really seen any that look that good...but i've just started customizing and making my own jedi's because hasbro won't make any, and it would be cool if I had more human heads to choose from when making them...I mean I was gonna make the bald jedi that throws obi-wan a lightsaber in aotc and I had to use lobots head...his little cyborg head-wrap thing comes off but underneath there is a big ol' ears or nothing just empty space around the sides and back of his I had to give him a hood to cover this and no it doesn't really look like the jedi that threw obi-wan the saber...but as far as cutomizing goes i've cranked out about 10 this week and they all turned out alot better than i thought they would...i've not even had to re-paint any of them...just swapping legs and heads and arms and stuff like that...I will try to get pictures of them up soon.

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    I Think it's a great idea! I mainly collect 3 3/4 inch figures and I would love to see them start making differant toys in that scale. I remember getting really excited when McFarlane Toys put out all his little 3 3/4 inch Spawn and movie figures, I loved them but apparently no one else did. I still have all my old universal figures, secret Wars and G.I. Joes, not to mention obviously my Star Wars figures as well. It's a great Idea but I know they make them bigger these days for kids and the display collectors. I love the fact that Hasbro has tried to fill everyone with a size choice but I would much rather see the medium range be more like the 3 3/4 inch line as far as quality and quanity wise. It's a really good conversation piece and I'm glad you thought of it.
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