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    Finally playsets but at what cost

    I was looking the the and ran accross the new diorama for the falcon. Then I read it was in scale with the 4.5" Vader that comes with the set. This thing is great. Unfortunately there is no price listed. The limited edition figures they are selling on are $70-$90 so I would imagine at least $500 which is way out of my price range but definately something that I would love to have. The dagobah set looks sweet as well.
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    these collectibles do look amazing but I can only imagine what the price would be, most likely $$$$$. the figures though are really pewter figures with no articulation. Although if I had money to spare I would definately get the dagobah one.
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    This diorama is rumored to be in the several thousand dollar range so this is definitely out of the question for the basic collector.
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    Here's a link on this very thing:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sith Lord 0498
    I forget which site it was, but there was an overseas on-line retailer selling the diorama (not the figures...just the diorama piece) for $3,000.

    EDIT: It was Toy Palace. I just found the page. It costs $2,951.67. To see for yourself, go to and look under "Star Wars...statues and busts...Attakus Metal"
    That's way to rich for this collectors blood...
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    Yeah that's kills it for me. $500 is about the most I could ever see spending on this hobby at one time for one thing. $3000 ain't gonna happen. I'll just have to learn to sculpt myself and make my own.
    More is more. Less is less, Twice as much is good too,
    Too much is never enough except when it's just about right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal
    Here's a link on this very thing:

    That's way to rich for this collectors blood...
    hey yeah what do they expect from us? right?
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    I'm sure if you asked them about the price they would reply that it's for the "true collectors."

    I'd be really surprised to see more than a handful of people with them.
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    What I find amazing is that they've announced plans to create a diorama from each movie (possibly more), and I'm sure they'll sell out within a reasonable amount of time.
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    Hey maybe if these sell out at the price point they are throwing out there, Hasbro might take a hint and make something a little better than what they have. I miss the old days when they made good vehicles and playsets like in the G.I. Joe line, i.e...The Terror Drome battle Platform and let us not forget the Aircraft Carrier. Now those were playsets! Even stuff like the vintage Deathsatr was fun and good for displaying figures. I still think they really missed out on the Shuttle. They really should have released it to a wider range. I leave it at that, otherwise I'm really going to get into a rant here.
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    What would be great is if Hasbro could make plastic versions of their molds! That would make it a lot cheaper. This set comes in two sections (hanger and falcon) Hasbro could do the same to keep the price down.The detail wouldnt be as good but would fit in with the look of their figures. Make it an online exclusive or something and these would sell like like crazy.....

    Ok thats enough dreaming for today, back to the real world


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