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    anyone else see this on ebay?

    i found it curious:lipsrseal :lipsrseal
    i shall smack you wrists in a minute and bat you round your ear hole--mrs slocumb---are you being served?

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    I've seen people selling this kind of stuff at comic shows for years. This guy just made it look a lot sexier. Almost all the bootleggers have a version of it though. If you really want something like this make sure to pick it up where they will let you preview it first. Otherwise you end up an idiot like I did when I bought a copy of the Fantastic Four back when Wizard Con was just the Chicago Comic Con in 1996, where you buy a video with great picture and crappy sound. That was $20.00 well spent!
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    [CENTER][B][FONT=System][SIZE=4]$6.99 for a 3 3/4 inch Star Wars figure, with so many Star Wars collectors paying this kind of scratch for one figure and the cost of gas for driving from store to store, I can see why our econmy is in a slump![/SIZE][/FONT][/B][/CENTER]

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    i like that he call lucas the 'little ewok' that he is...HA
    and We're back in 3..2.. ..
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    "Same as it Ever was.." repeat as neccessary..


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