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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    WM on Craig & Clayton has the Battle Arena 2 packs on clearance for $19.98.
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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue II
    If anyone sees an OTC Falcon, let me know. I'm thinking about picking one up. I know TRU at Meadows had it last time I was there a week or so ago.
    TRU in Henderson (Stephanie/Sunset) had OTC Falcons last weekend - the one in front on the shelf had a banged up box, not sure how many more they had.
    Just a heads up!

    Still no dusty, hidden gunships anywhere, tho.

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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    Just picked up a Clone Evolution Set (last one), a Sith Evolution Set (1 left), and an all-tan helmet #54 at TRU on Maryland/Flamingo. Had dozens each of #54-56 (all the 54's were the all-tan version), lots of #48-50, and a couple of the new Millennium Falcons.

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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    K-Mart on Trop/Pecos had 5 OTC Falcon's on clearance for $30, all were slightly beat up (some more than others) and werent with the rest of the toys, but in a seperate clearance aisle next to the toy section (look for the big yellow "clearance" banners.

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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    AWESOME! Thanks, you truly are numero uno. I'm going to open it, so I'm not too concerned about the box condition.

    In other news, Target @ Cheyenne & US 95 had Obi Wan's ship, the droid ship, and tons of the Nemoidian Warrior.

    Henderson TRU on Sunset had 1 #54 (Tan & Green) and some other newer figures like Crispy Anakin. They now have even more Saga 4 packs of Han Solo and the Skiff Guards. It looks like that beat OTC Falcon was gone. I would have bought it a couple weeks ago, but was worried pieces would be missing.
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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    For the record, that is the K-Mart on Sahara and Pecos. I went to the K-Mart on Pecos & Sunset and the Wal-mart on Pecos & Tropicana before I figured out it was the Kmart on Sahara.

    The Wal-mart on Pecos & Tropicana had a Stormtrooper Han, Vader and a Tatooine Luke of that 6-8 inch cartoon-like line. I don't know what they are called, but up until yesterday, all I saw anywhere were Episode 3 characters.
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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    Oh crap, sorry guys, went to so many stores yesterday they all started to run together in my head. I better double-check my posts next time.

    Last night found a couple of Black Clone Pilots at KB at the Boulevard, lots of other clones too but no other repaints. Still looking for that darn Shocktrooper, last of the 56 (including major variants) I need (well that and the cream-faced Meena Tills, but since I never saw the regular one at stores, I kind of lost hope with this one)
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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    Yesterday picked up from Target on Maryland/Flamingo a Vader w/cup (only other cups were two Leias, no stormtroopers), no sign of the new TIE, anyone seen this? this is one thing I really want. KB at the Boulevard had tons of Clones (#6 white, #33 commander (green), #34 pilot (black), only one #41, and lots of #49 bacaras), Checked the K-mart on Sahara/Pecos for those new battle packs again and still had not restocked and had 4 of the OTC Falcons left.

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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    Yesterday, My wife went by the K-Mart on Craig/Rancho and said she didn't see anything new. No signs of the TIE at the Target on Craig/Clayton, either. Not even a sticker on the shelf. They did have 4 Han Solo cups (still at full price).
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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    Wal-Mart on Trop/Pecos this morning had a couple each of the Jedi vs. Sith/Speratist Battle Packs, 2 Clone Evolution Sets, 1 Sith, lots of deluxe including several each of the Green and Red Clone 3-Packs, and the new Palpy/Yoda Force Battlers. Looks like I had gotten there as they restocked everything, although there were hardly any basic figures, so looks like a restock of the regular figures is imminent.


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