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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    Just picked up Rebel vs. Empire pack, Blue Clone 3-Pack, and an Anakin Evolution at Target on Maryland/Flamingo. Also had a shocktrooper, green commander, 2 clone evolutions, couple each of #54-56, some of the new cases, and still no TIEs!!

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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    Target on Craig/Clayton had 2 TIEs yesterday

    Today, TRU at Meadows Mall had figures 50-56, an OTC Pablo Jill, and the NEW MILLENIUM FALCON.

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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    Walmart Craig & Clayton: Some older ROTS figs showed up--Droidkea, Battle Droid

    Greatland Target at 95 & 215: 1 TIE Fighter, 3 Clone Evolution sets, some deluxe figs: Crab droid, Grevious, Clone w/ Jetpack

    K-Mart Craig & Rancho: Emperor's 5 pack and Anakin w/clones (2 sets of each)

    Has anyone seen the WOTC mini figs anywhere? I stopped in at a comic book store and bought the starter set, a B'marr Monk, and a Gran for $20. The starter set had Luke, Vader, 2 Stormtroopers, Royal Guard, Wookie Warrior, Ewok, Bespin Guard, Elite Rebel Trooper, and a Quarren.
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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    Just picked up a Gree, Bly, Wookie Commando, and Nemoidian Commander at Wal-Mart on Trop/Pecos, tons of Gree and Bly's left, but no Wookie's and only one Nemoidian

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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    TRU at Meadows had a bunch of 12" figures. Shaak Ti, Barris, Emperor, General Grevious, OTC Luke, and some Saga Imperial Officers. No Hoth set, which is the only thing I'm looking for.
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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    TRU on Maryland Parkway had the ARC-170 and a Gunship yesterday. Still no Hoth set.
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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    The 60s are out in force now. The Gree/Bly wave was stocked at boulder Hwy Wal-Mart in the main aisle in a display 4 high,4 wide, eight deep.

    Stopped at Henderson Target today to pick up a prescription, looked at toys, expecting the usual nothing.

    Found a holographic babe- I mean Aalya Secura. LOL

    AND a red Senate Guard! WOO HOO!! This might mean a re-issue? (Sorry, I'm not up on current reissue plans)

    They also had almost all the figures from 57-68, except holo Plo Kloon, and there was only 1 Aayla.

    And apparently Republic Gunships are still shipping, 1 per shipment, according to an email from Hasbro and a manager at Kaybee. Still if anyone sees them, please drop me a line or post here. Haven't had any luck finding one since the stupidity at Midnight Madness.

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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    I haven't been searching the stores much lately since there isn't anything out that I want. My wife found the newest R2 unit (or is it R4...anyway...) at Kmart on Craig & Rancho a couple weeks ago. I think it has the wrong # on the card, so I might pick up another one to open. The only other thing that is out that I wanted was the TRU Hoth Battlepack, but I won that on e-bay.
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    Re: Las Vegas Area Findings

    Finally got my Gunship after 6 months of searching!
    Picked it up from the top shelf at the Henderson TRU.
    Apparently according to Hasbro email and a KayBee manager, they're still shipping, just 1 per case vs however many ARC fighters they're shipping. And apparently they sell out as soon as they come in.

    Now that I have one in my grubby hands, I can see why they sell out so fast. It ROCKS!

    Still need another for my son - he saw it and immediately wanted one. So if anyone sees one, as always, please give me a heads up!

    Additionally - I only very briefly saw the DVD Clone 3-pack at the Boulder Hwy Wal-Mart - there were a handful, and when I went back, they were gone. The other 3-packs were plentiful.

    And at the Henderson TRU, they had the holographic Emperor hanging on the pegs - guess the freebie's over! Got mine last week when the special was on, but if anyone is still looking for that particular figure, they were hanging there yesterday.

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    separation of the twins !!!!!

    just picked up a set of separation of the twins at walmart on trop & 215. PLENTY to go around!!


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