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    yea i remember the ROTS midnight maddness thing.

    yea i guess he cant hit every store

    have you been seeing any transformers deluxe figs there lately? if so which stores?

    btw ill be in vegas at the end of the month for a friends wedding and most of the hotels there are book or really expensive. do you know any place good that have rooms for a cheap price. i tried all the search hotel engines thing still overpriced.

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    TF deluxes are hard to come by, but last week I hit a full rack of the concept Bumblebee wave at Sunset TRU (across Stephanie from Sunset Station). When I went back there today there were a bunch of Final Battle Jazz, Payload, and Longarm figures, no sign of Arcee or Bumblebee.

    They also had the Arena Battle pack, looked nice!

    Target across the street had the exclusive scouts - Elita One, Armorhide, and Air Raid, but only one set when I left.

    No sign of ANY wave 4 or 5 Star Wars, which is why I'm glad I found that one lone Animated Fett when I did.

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    I saw the animated Fett once. It was at an Albertson's of all places.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue II View Post
    I saw the animated Fett once. It was at an Albertson's of all places.
    Hey, Rogue II, was wondering where all of you guys went.

    I've seen a good number of McQuarries at Albertsons too. Had them already so I didn't pick them up, but they were there.

    Albertsons is overpriced, but you can find some good stuff there occasionally. that's where I got my TF movie Barricade after they sold out and were nowhere to be found this summer.

    Went to Maryland TRU this morning not expecting to see anything, but they have a good selection of Legends (including sandtrooper), the TIE interceptor, Y-Wing, Naboo and Hoth GH sets, and the Arena Battle exclusive in multiples.

    Better still (and this is for gambitguru), they had a full display of the new TF deluxes, with ALL of the current wave out there, including multiple '08 Bumblebees and Arcees.

    As for hotels, check for good deals. You get MUCH better rates during the week; over the weekend they really hit you hard, and that goes for just about all the casinos. If I remember correctly, we got a pretty good deal at the Stratosphere, but you may have better luck at one of the off-Strip casinos like Sunset Station.

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    TRU in Henderson had the Y-Wing, Vader's TIE, Geonosis Battle Pack, and Naboo & Hoth GH sets as well. There is a sports card show at the mall in Henderson this weekend. There is one guy that has waves 4 and 5 but he wants $12-$15 each for them. He has a concept Chewbacca for only $10.

    The only trace of Wave 4 I've seen was at the Target on Maryland and Flamingo a couple weeks ago. They had My. Oth. (not even going to try to spell the name).
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    Any luck on the McQ figs R-deuce?
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    No sign of them or anything new. I went to a TRU, WM, and Target today.
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    Today's rounds were somewhat cool, I only work a half day Fridays and get to hit the stores at noon, which is apparently still too late.

    Got to Target at Decatur/95, meandered back to the toy aisle and made it there just after another guy, a stocky asian/pacific islander with glasses. He headed straight for the SW section, nothing there to note except a Saga shock trooper right in front. I didn't really bother looking, figured he'd know what was hot.

    Went to TRU across Decatur, nothing to speak of but two Jedi Lukes on the pegs. I couldn't even find two other figures I wanted to cash in on the buy 2 get 1 free deal there. No TFs to speak of, and no 25th Joes.

    Wal-mart on Charleston/Decatur is stocked, but all older legends and saga on the pegs. The TF stock I mentioned thinned out some, but still a good assortment of 1st and 2nd wave deluxes there. Not so many Voyagers or leaders.

    Target on Stephanie - a lone Helrot, and a jedi Luke, no other signs of Wave 4. Picked up an AAT for $17 yesterday, not much to speak of there today, but you may get lucky and get there after they restock. Some sale.

    TRU on Stephanie - wave 4 was apparently there; I got an Umpass-Stay, an Elis Helrot, and an Onith - finally, I got to use the buy two get one free! A shopping grandma asked me a couple questions while I was standing there and ended up buying the only other Helrot and Onith for her grandson (lucky kid). I offered her the Umpass Stay as well, but she told me she didn't want to get in the way of a complete collection. I told her I was far from it. There was one more Luke Jedi when I left. Haven't really seen any other signs of Wave 4 since a few weeks ago. No CZ-4, no McVader, no more animated Fetts.

    If you guys see a CZ or McVader and have the ones you need, would you drop me a PM? Same goes for anything in Wave 5, I probably should have ordered a case because I think I'm going to get that entire wave. Definitely want a Starkiller tho! Wave 4 is starting to pop up again, though.

    Happy hunting!

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    Found smatterings of waves 4, 5, and 6, as well as Legends wave 3 at Spring Mountain WM at lunch. There was another collector there already, kindly NOT clearing out the pegs, there was a full endcap of figures in addition to the ones on the pegs. Asked him what he was looking for, he told me a stormtrooper, didn't think to ask if he needed a McStormie, since I have an extra at home to trade. but he wished me luck anyway.

    Also saw a store of figures on the top shelf, including an animated Fett, Lando, and 4LOM. More Jedi Luke, Umpass-Stay, Onith, and Helrot figures on the pegs too.

    Picked up a Yoda/Kybuck (plenty there), CZ-4 (4-5 left), red Pit Droids (plenty of Pit Droid packages left, a couple reds), and the Legends Imperial officer.

    Still haven't seen a McQ Vader, Starkiller, a Dark Trooper, or the rest of Wave 5, all of which I really want. Looks like there's hope, tho!

    Happy hunting!

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    Rogue 2, if you happen across the McSnowtrooper, can you grab me 2 of them? I have all the others I asked about
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